Android 4.4 Update: Why Kitkat is Better than Key Lime Pie


The internet is filled with news that appeals to both techies and sweet tooth. What’s the fuss all about you might ask? It’s the announcement of the latest Android 4.4 update named after the popular chocolate, Kitkat.

The partnership between the tech Giant Google and Kitkat totally surprised everyone-even the staff working on the 4.4 update. Everyone was under the assumption that the update will be named Key Lime Pie.

Personally, I like Android Kitkat better. It’s a lot easier to remember. More importantly, it has an international appeal.

In the Philippines, key lime pie is not very popular. So, people might have a hard time associating Android with this dessert.

Honestly, I haven’t event tasted this type of pie.

Kitkat, on the other hand, is highly popular. Every grocery nationwide carries this chocolate brand.

Besides the name, not much was said about what Android 4.4 will bring. For instance, no details were given as to what features it will provide to Android users.

I think Google made a clever move using the Kitkat brand for Android.

What are other desserts that you can think of that starts with the letter K?

How about a Filipino dessert (Android Kochinta, anyone)? Or after 4.4, google might name the next update Android Leche Flan. ๐Ÿ™‚

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan