3 Reasons Why the Galaxy Note 4 is Perfect for Students and Writers


A year ago, I reviewed the Note Pro 12.2 for Digital Spidey. I fell in love with the tablet. It was perfect. To be honest, I didn’t want to return it. But I didn’t want to get Digital Spidey, who’s also a dear friend, in trouble.

And then luckily I got a Note 4. I’m in love again. 🙂

Here are the reasons why:

The S Pen is the next best thing to pen and paper.


As a writer and a student, I’m always taking notes. There are good days that when a series of light bulb moments hit me.  I’ve learned that no matter how bad the idea is at first, I have to write it down. Then I can  go back to it later and see if I can  transform it into something useful. Or something beautiful. I want to capture these ideas like I do with pen and paper. But the thing is, I don’t have a pen and paper with me all the time. Plus, it’s just extra weight in my bag. (A couple of months ago, I brought my Starbucks planner everywhere. Although I love writing my schedule down manually, it wasn’t really convenient not to mention heavy.)

Note 4 with  S pen from SMART
Fresh from the box. Note 4 Bronze

The ideal solution for me is to take handwritten notes on something digital that will allow me to access my notes in the cloud.
I thought of buying a stylus for the iPad such as the JotScript, but after reading tons of reviews it wasn’t the solution I was looking for.


Another reason why I want to keep my notes digitally is for me to easily search each note. It would be really handy during exams when I need to review.

The multi-window also allows you to take notes more easily.

screenshot of multi window Note 4
This is the screenshot of my Adobe Acrobat and Evernote. Was catching up with reading for school.


With its big screen size, the Note 4 allows you to open two windows at the same time. For example, I can open Evernote and Adobe Acrobat. This means that I could take notes on the important stuff, as I read the ebook. I don’t have to switch back and forth.


I’m sure there are many ways to take advantage of this feature. But this one works well for me in the meantime.

The screen size and display are perfect for reading ebooks on the go.

If you’re working or studying in Manila, you most likely have to commute. That means you’re stuck in traffic a lot. For me though, being stuck in traffic means that I could catch up with my reading list. Before the Note 4, I used the iPhone 5C. While I also love it, it’s too small for reading ebooks. You’ll have to constantly zoom in and move the page around so you can read the whole thing.


The Note 4’s 5.7 inch screen size is perfect for reading on the go. It’s not too large compared to a tablet. Tablets are also harder to pull out when you’re siting in the MRT or on the bus. More importantly, the Note 4’s Super AMOLED display makes the text and images crisp and crystal clear.


I’ve been using the Note 4 for just a few days. But I think I’m going to be loyal to the Note series. I still have other mobile devices that I use, but I found that Note 4 is the perfect companion for someone whose work involves a lot of brainstorming, writing and editing.
If you’re a student, a writer, or a bookworm, you’ll love the Galaxy Note 4. I got mine from Smart. I also have the unlimited mobile data plan from Smart. I can accomplish a lot of work with this killer combo.


Do you also want to keep notes digitally, but want to still use your own handwriting? Let me know what your dream setup for reading ebooks and writing notes on the go!

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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