Veems-a Photo Sharing App with a “Voice”, now available on Android

veemsgoogleplayThey say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what if you could hear a thousand different words about your picture?

Veems, a unique photo sharing app, not only snaps your photo, upload, and share it to the world, but it also adds a four-second voice or an ambient sound (like your laughter, a crowd’s cheer, or a yawn) along with the image.

Once the photo is shared, other Veemers can also join in the fun with the Revoice option.

What is Revoice?

 Revoice is a special and uber cool feature in Veems, a unique photo-sharing app available in iOS and recently available in Android. Veems provides a unique experience by allowing users to capture a photo and add a four-second sound. For example, you can take a photo of your present to a friend’s birthday and your own voice along with the photo. You can say, “Happy birthday!” or “I Love You!, making the photo even more personal and authentic.

Once the picture is shared – either on the app or on social networks (Twitter and Facebook) – it becomes everyone’s playground – anyone can “revoice” the picture – making it funny, touching, flirty or even opinionated.

What if you’re playing coy and don’t want people to hear your voice?

No problem at all! There are a thousand and one ways to add sound along with your photo. You can simply use the ambient noise, a part of a relevant song, or other sound effects. It creates an open canvas for anyone to draw on – but with sound.

 Why You Should Join the Revoice Revolution?

 Show the world how funny you are.

 If you are a naturally funny fellow, you will definitely love the Revoice option. If you have funny lines running through your hea all day, but are too lazy to write them down, you can go ahead and say the lines yourself!Many of the Veemers are actually very creative and talented. They can say something hilarious stuff in four seconds or less.

 Collaborate with friends.

What’s great about the Revoice feature is that you can join in on the fun at any time. Once you see an image shared in your news feed and think of something clever to say, you simply tap “Revoice”, and add a sound to your friend’s image. Your followers can also see the revoiced content and add their own quirk to it. The more revoices, the more fun it can be!

In December, I chose Moments-Hear Your Photos as App of the Week. Veems is actually its new name! It’s a new and improved app. It is now available on Google Play as well, so Android users can join in the fun.


Check out some of the Veemers:





I’m happy to share that I’m actually part of the Veems team. To know my full story, you can read it on Work at Home Pinas. 🙂

If you’re on Veems, please follow me. My username is girlygeekph. I’ll follow you back! See and hear you there!







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Irene Chan

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