4 Types of Gadget Users: Is a 16 GB Apple Device Enough for Your Type?

ID-10073017Unlike Samsung and other Android devices that have Micro SD support, it’s a lot harder to decide whether to get a 16GB or 32 GB model for an iPhone or iPad. This is mainly because it costs another $100 (around P5000 in the Philippines) to get the extra storage space. With this huge difference, most people would choose the 16 GB.

But is 16 GB enough for you? Will you regret the decision later on?

First, you must have a clear picture of how you’re planning to use your tablet or smartphone. Once you know how, then you’ll have an idea of how much space you’ll consume. For example, if you only use your tablet for browsing the internet, email, and Facebooking, then a 16 GB is definitely sufficient.

But what if you’re planning to use your gadgets for all sorts of things? Over the years, I’ve noticed each people use his or her mobile gadgets differently.

  • Music Maniacs


This people use their smartphone or tablet mainly for music.

I’ve got a quite a few friends who are “music maniacs”. They have very divers taste in music. More than 50% of their storage space is dedicated for music. My blogger friend (please check out his literary blog here) has an 8 GB Micro SD filled with tons of music albums!

If you’re a music maniac and you’re planning to use your iPad, iPad mini, or iPhone as the ultimate music player, then 16 GB should be sufficient.

  • Camera Rollers

 This type of gadget user is all about photos! They loooove taking photos of pretty much anything. When you open their camera roll or gallery, you’ll find thousands of photos that have accumulated in a matter of months.

Now, each photo is usually around 1 MB to 4 MB. And if you don’t like deleting photos, it can add up pretty quickly.

So, if you’re planning to use your iPhone or iPad mini to take a lot of selfies, photos of your pet, or start taking photos of your meals, then you might want to consider a 32 GB model instead. 16 GB would be okay if you’re willing to transfer your photos into the computer or if you don’t use a lot of apps.

  • Movie Marathoners 

Movie Marathoners always pack their mobile gadgets with tons of movies, TV series, and downloaded YouTube videos. It’s like there’s going to be an apocalypse tomorrow, and they don’t want to turn to non-conventional entertainment (like watching two guys beat each other up while trying to evade teeth less yet starving walkers).

When I had a tablet, I can consider myself as a movie marathoner.  Actually, I was more into TV series. I had a lot of TV series stored in my micro SD such as Gilmore Girls, The Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, and The Walking Dead. And if I have to be honest, I also downloaded all episodes of Full House (the Korean drama). 🙂  I love watching something every time I eat (which a friend pointed out is a sign of being a couch potato).

The file size of an entire season of a TV sitcom or TV series can be around 4 GB to 8 GB. So, if you’re planning to use your iPad or iPad mini as movie center on the go, then you need more than 16 GB storage space.

  • App Hoarders


Apps Hoarders are fond of downloading apps. It doesn’t matter whether they’re planning to use it or not. Once they see the list of TOP free apps or see apps that are on sale, you can bet that they will download them! I guess this people are usually the ones that love to collect things.

My boyfriend belongs under this category.  His iPad is overflowing with all sorts of apps! Sometimes he would complain that his 16 GB iPad is not enough. He’s doing his best in minimizing the habit of downloading a lot of apps, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before a horde of apps take over his iPad.

If you’re like him, then you probably need more than 16 GB. Or you can regularly delete apps that you no longer use.

I hope that this helps you figure out the right storage to choose when buying a new gadget.

So, which type of gadget user are you? What about your friends? It would be cool if you can add more types in the comment section below.














Image courtesy of [Sira Anamwongadamrwatcharakun] / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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