Here’s Why You Don’t Need an iPhone

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It is rumored that the iPhone 6 will be released on September of this year. Usually, Apple releases a new line of products every September. Last year, it was the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S. A lot of Apple fanatics, or people who are planning to get an iPhone for the first time are at the edge of their seat to find out if the rumors are true.

But before getting your credit card out, it’s best to take a step back and ask yourself if you really need an iPhone. Why do you want an iPhone over all the other smartphones? Does it have something that others don’t have?

Here’s why you don’t need an iPhone:

It’s extremely expensive.

In the Philippines, iPhones are  more expensive compared to its US counterpart. Usually, a newly released iPhone costs about P30k to P40k. This amount can be spent on a really powerful laptop. Or add just a few more thousands and you can get a MacBook Air.

You can get other phones with practically the same features, but at a cheaper price.

The truth is that there are plenty of smartphones in the market right now. In fact, the mobile phone industry is overflowing with all sorts of smartphones from tech giants like Samsung and local brands like Cherry Mobile. For half the price, you can get a decent Android phone, which allows you to enjoy practically the same features such as browsing the internet, YouTubing, and Facebooking.

If you don’t own other Apple products such as a MacBook, you won’t fully appreciate the iPhone.

What I love most about Apple products is how products complement one another. For example, my iPhone is like an extension of my MAC. When I bring my iPhone, it’s like bringing a tiny version of my MacBook Air. The ability to sync both devices is a feature that I find very useful. It provides a seamless experience.

Also, compatibility is not an issue if you own an iPhone and a MAC. You can always trust that they will work together.

Now, if you simply own an iPhone and use a Windows computer, it provides a different experience. But this is mainly from my own point of view. Other people prefer using an iPhone and still choose to use a Windows PC.

If you’re simply going to use your phone for calling and texting.

Some people rarely utilize the one hundred and one features of a smartphone. They mostly use their phones for texting and calling. If you’re one of these people, then it isn’t practical to spend more than P30K for an iPhone.

An iPhone would make sense if:

You own a MAC.

As I’ve mentioned above, having an iPhone and a MAC is the perfect combination. It’s like John and Yoko of gadgets. I just think each device is made for each other. You can use your iPhone for so many things such as editing documents, browsing the internet, and even paying your bills online. You can also easily sync Apple apps such as iBooks, iTunes, and iPhoto.

You believe in Apple’s quality products.

If you believe that the iPhone is truly a great product and you believe in Apple’s brand, then an iPhone would make a lot of sense. Honestly, one of the main reasons why I love Apple products is because of their commendable customer service.As a consumer,  I just feel safe buying from Apple.

Most of your family members and friends own Apple products.

It’s just easier and more fun to connect with family and friends who also own Apple products. I especially love sharing photos through iCloud and using Facetime.

So, are you planning to get an iPhone this year? Let me know what you think. 🙂


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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