iOS 7: To Update or Not to Update?

a photo of an iphone with ios 7 The iOS 7 is officially rolled out as the latest firmware for Apple’s mobile devices. Now, the question is should you update right away or should you wait?

 I actually updated my iPod Touch to iOS7 a week before the actual release. And I must say that the update is a lot better than I expected.

a screenshot of ios 7 in ipod touch 5th gen
Was so excited to see this screen for the first time!

But first, let’s discuss a few things, so you can better make a decision whether you should update or wait.

Based on my experience, I believe that iOS 7 looks and performs better. In addition, there are so many convenient settings and features that will make you enjoy your iDevice more.

Feel powerful with the Control Center.

a screenshot of ios 7 control center

 You can easily access the Control Center anytime—even if you’re in the middle of playing a game. You simply swipe up from the bottom of your screen.

I like this new feature because I feel “powerful”; I can control almost everything with just one touch. You can easily turn on and off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. You can also lock the screen and activate the “Do Not Disturb” from the Control Center.

It’s pretty much like the one you’d see in Android. But I believe that the layout of the Control Center is neater and more organized. Plus, I like that it includes the “flash light” and calculator because I always use these things.

 Camera: More Settings, More Fun

a screenshot of the camera settings in ios 7

Shutterbugs will love the layout and the new features when taking photos. One major addition is adding “effects” to the photos in real time. You no longer have to go to Instagram or use other apps to make your photos look more artistic.

It’s also easier to switch from taking a photo to video or to taking a panorama shot. A “square” shot is also added, which is perfect when taking selfies or portrait photos.

When you hold the Home button while the camera is on, it will take a “burst shot”. This allows you to capture moments with a lot of movements—like when watching a game or taking a photo of your hyperactive dog.

 Photos: How do I love it? Let me count the ways!

a screenshot of ios 7 photo collections

 Since I updated to iOS 7, I noticed that I actually spend more time in Photos. It’s mainly because there are now a few ways to look at the collection of photos. You can sort it by date and by location. So, you can actually see all the photos you took when you had a trip in Boracay without having to manually scroll to this part of your Camera Roll.

a screenshot of ios 7 camera roll folders

The videos also have a separate folder, so you can easily browse the videos you want to watch.

 What else is new with iOS 7?

Another huge improvement in iOS 7 is being able to easily close the apps you no longer want to use. You simply double tap the Home button, and the apps you’re currently using will appear—very much like laid out cards in a table. And then you can simply “throw” the ones that you don’t want to use.

Although there is lot of awesome new features in iOS 7, there are still a few things Apple could have added. For one thing, there should be an option to close all apps in one go.

Also, for the iPod Touch, there’s no percentage indicator in the battery icon. I’ve installed a separate app in order to gauge the battery, but I wish it could have been something that’s already built in.

I felt a bit of nostalgia for iOS 6 when I updated to iOS 7. I guess this just means that the new update is so far from its predecessor that I kind of forgotten what iOS 6 looked and felt like.

And this is not a bad thing at all. The changes were definitely for the better!

With all the new additions, you’ll be busy discovering new features in your old Apple device.

Who should update?

 Anyone who has an iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, and 5th gen iPod Touch that is not jailbroken.

People who love to use their iPhone or iPod Touch in taking photos should update right away!

Who should not update?

If your iDevice is jailbroken, then you probably would have to wait before you can update to iOS 7.

Other than that, I can’t actually think of any reason why you should not update to iOS 7. But if you’re worried that there might be bugs, then maybe you can wait for the next update.

For the record, my experience has been seamless. I didn’t encounter bugs or crashes. And my iPod Touch 5th gen doesn’t even have the latest processing chip. The iPod Touch 5th gen is only using an A5 processor—similar to the iPad 2. So, if you have an iPad 2 and iPad mini, it can definitely handle the new firmware.

I know there are a lot of people who are not very fond of the “flat” design of iOS 7. So if you don’t want the new look, you probably would be quite hesitant to update it.

The bottom line is, if you want a more convenient and seamless experience with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, you should definitely update to iOS 7 right away. It’s faster, better, and with the new features, it will keep you busy!

What do you think of iOS 7? Have you already updated? Let me know about your first impressions by commenting below.


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