App of the Week: Gleam makes you see your wardrobe in a new light

icon of the gleam app

Have you ever looked in your closet– full of clothes–and claim that you have nothing to wear?

This happens to me almost everyday.

Well, it’s one of the dilemmas of being a girl. 🙂

No matter how much clothes we have, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

However, I believe in the power of creativity and resourcefulness. That’s why I love apps that help me stir up these traits.

Gleam is a great app to get ideas on what outfits to wear and the things you might want to add in your wardrobe.

As an app built on fashion, Gleam looks nice and easy to navigate. You can immediately start browsing the latest outfits in the “news feed”. I’m not entirely sure whether it’s called news feed, but it’s the first thing that greets you as soon as you log in. It lets you know how many new looks have been added since your last visit.

First Impression

screenshot of gleam app
This is how you mainly navigate the app. You can search for outfits, check your closet, and check out other Gleamers.

When accessing the app for the first time, it takes awhile before the content loads. And recently, I feel like my attention span matches that of a goldfish. So, I’m not a fan of pages that take more than thirty seconds to load.

It was a bit of a turn off when the content within the app took longer to display. But I have to note that my internet connection was also responsible for the delay.

Now that I have LTE connection in my phone again, the app seems to load faster.

Why I Like It

The app allows you to save photos that you like in your closet. And once you visit your closet, the photos are arranged according to style and color.  I love the way the app provides these different categories. It’s so much easier to look at all the casual or bohemian outfits I’ve collected.

a screenshot of the gleam app
This is my “closet” and these are a few of the first few outfits I’ve collected.

Searching for photos or outfit ideas is also a breeze. You can search by style, color, or by season.

I use the app mainly to give me ideas on how I can mix and match my existing wardrobe. You don’t really have to buy new things to have new outfits.

Sometimes it all takes is a little creativity and imagination to make use of the things you already have.

But of course, I also have stacked up quite a bit of images under my shopping list. This way I can be reminded of the shoes or accessories that I want to buy the next time I go shopping.

All in all, Gleam is a handy app for ladies who wants to get inspiration for their outfits.

What I like about it:

  • A great source for fashion ideas
  • Easy to navigate

What it can improve on:

  • add outfit ideas based on location

Gleam is available for iOS and Android users.


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan