App of the Week: moments allows you to hear your photos

mmtsThis week I thought I start an “App of the Week” segment that features one app each week. There are tons of apps in iOS and Android, and sometimes it’s hard to find the really good ones.

Honestly, I like browsing apps. There are a number of apps that make my life better and make a lot of things easier (such as TinyScan which allows me to turn any photo into a PDF).

So, my job is to help you find apps that might be useful to you, or probably apps that you need to avoid.

This week we’re going to start with “moments”: hear your photos.

This app is exactly what it sounds like. It allows you to take a photo and add a four-second sound along with it.

The process goes like this:

Take the photo. Once the photo is processed, you’ll be able to add a sound. Normally, you can add your voice. For example, you can take a photo of your friend and add a Happy Birthday greeting. Other times, you can add the sound of nature or an animal.


a screenshot of the moments app
If you don’t like you’re voice, you can always record another voice over. Once your satisfied, the image will show up on your “wall” and will be saved in your Camera Roll. In your camera roll, it will be saved as a four-second video and not an image.

This app not only takes photos. It has also social aspects to it. In fact, the moments app is pretty much like Instagram. You follow friends (or sometimes strangers), see the photos they post, and comment/like them.

The main difference with this app is that instead of simply seeing an image, you’ll also hear a sound when tapping the photo.

Hearing the voice of someone along with the image makes the experience more personal.

moments news feed
This is how the “news feed” looks like. If you like a photo, you can click on the smile icon. It’s pretty much like the “like” button. And the truth is, there are actually a few photos that other people shared that made me smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

With its ability to take photos with a sound and its social aspects, the moments app is definitely an enjoyable app.

However, there are many things that can be improved in order to make the experience a lot better and more fun.

First off, the experience can be enhanced by allowing me to easily find people that I know or at least people who have something common with me (location, interest, or topics). The profile only includes the username, name, and a “line”, so I guess there’s not a lot of data that the system can pull from in order to match other users based on the information included in the user’s profile.

Although I like seeing photos of other people from other parts of the world, it would be much more meaningful to be able to see photos of people that I know and care about.

Hopefully, in the next update, they can probably connect moments app with Facebook or Twitter. Or scan your contact to see if there are friends in moments.

This app has definitely a lot of potential. It’s already quite fun to use it now. And with more updates, I’m sure that it can be even more fun.

So, should you try moments app?

If you love taking photos, this app is definitely going to provide you with a new experience. Although adding a sound to your photo might seem simple, it actually takes creativity and imagination to create a good one.

But if it’s not your thing to add sound to photos, you can simply check out what other people have shared.

It’s currently available in iOS as a free app.


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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