App of the Week: Ommwriter-Writing has never been this relaxing

screenshot of ommwriter for mac
At first glance, Ommwriter looks just like a simple wallpaper.

Putting ideas into words can be quite hard–even for those who write professionally.  Honestly, I often encounter writer’s block–most especially during the holidays.

With so many distractions available in one click, writing one article, blog post, or an argumentative paper for your assignment is definitely challenging.

Luckily, there different are software and apps that can help writers. And one of the best ones I’ve used is OmmWriter.

The main goal of Ommwriter is to provide an environment for writers where they can just focus on writing. It accomplishes this goal by providing a very simple and uncomplicated design, a relaxing background image, and a music that will put you into some kind of trance.

Unlike most word processors that provide many styling options, OmmWriter limits the user with the ability to control the font, the background image, the music, and the typing sound.

To avoid editing as you write, Ommwriter does not have a spellchecker. This lack of feature is an advantage rather than a hindrance. One of the things that prevent writers from starting or finishing their writing projects is being critical of their work.

This is most especially true for me. I always have the urge to edit every sentence. This is not efficient writing at all.

It’s always best to edit once you’ve already written down all your ideas. Without a red line or a prompt that notifies you that you’ve typed something wrong, you can focus more on the content of your piece.



screenshot of ommwriter for mac
The controls are on the right side of the application. It only appears when you hover on them. So, when you’re writing, you only see the cursor and the text you’re typing.

For this free version called the DANA, you are only given three options for the background image: a snowy landscape, a white background, and a gray one. Most of the time I use the snowy landscape because it reminds me of a white Christmas.

As the prompt suggests upon opening the app, OmmWriter is best enjoyed using headphones. The thee music included in the free version is probably the type of music that they play in heaven. 🙂 There are three choices for the music and I love all of them. The music is not distracting. It’s only there to help you to tune out your surrounding and focus on your writing. It is most especially helpful if you’re writing in a noisier environment such as coffee shops.

If you prefer writing in silence, you can always mute the music.

If the document you’re  working on needs to meet a specific number of words, you can hover the cursor at the bottom, so you can see the word count.  You can save your work as .txt .PDF, or .RTF.

If you’re assignment or writing project needs to be saved in .doc or .docx, you can always open the file in Word or Pages and save it with a different file extension.

OmmWriter is not just for writers. It can be used by anyone: students who are working on a writing assignment or entrepreneurs who want to brainstorm new ideas.

The word “omm” is often associated with meditation or yoga. In a way, OmmWriter is indeed an environment for writers that can help them meditate and focus more on putting their ideas into words.

OmmWriter is available for PC, MAC, and iPad. You can download it here:

There’s also a paid version available. I might consider buying it in the next couple of weeks and will include an update for this post once I get to use the paid version.

The Good:
Neat and clean interface
Relaxing background accompanied by trance-like music
The Bad
Limited to saving .TXT, .PDF., and .RTF
Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan

  • joy

    Thank you for this, Irene! I am more productive when I see less in my screen. I’ll definitely try this out. Thank you! Mwah!

    • Irene Enriquez

      I’m glad you like it, Joy! It’s true. Seeing less allows as to do more.hehe Happy writing! 🙂

  • blame it on facebook for killing productivity by interrupting you every few minutes. hahaha… must close my FB tab.

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