What’s in a Veem and How to Send Private Veems to Another Veemer

 What is Veems you ask? Veems is a social photo sharing app available on Android and iOS. It allows you to snap a photo and add a four-second sound. So, if you feel like breaking out into a song when you take a photo, you can totally do that.


Confused with all the Veems lingo?

Let’s give you a quick rundown of what each term means:


  • Veems – the name of the app
  • Veem -the thing you get when audio and image is combined
  • Veemer an ultra cool person who’s using Veems
  •  Veeming – the act of taking a Veem


    Dana's Veems Account Sharing Exclusive PHotos from Splitsvilla
    Meet Dana. She’s the Veems ambassador. She’s currently making waves in Bollywood as MTV Splitsvilla’s sultry wildcard. If you want exclusive content on Dana’s life, make sure to follow her on Veems!

What is in a Veem?

Click on the photo to find out what a veem is!

If an audio and an image got together and made babies, the result would be a Veem.  It’s half audio and half image. It’s simple in theory, but it’s a lot more fun in action. That’s why you gotta try it for yourself. 🙂

 The Origins

The name Veems originated from the amalgamation of the words “voice” and “meme”. Its founder and the team behind Veems originally planned for the app to be the vocal version of the funny and sometimes silly memes that we’ve come to love. This vision is still present in the app with the Revoice feature.

 Revoice Revolution

Revoice is exactly what it sounds like! You can add your own voice to other user’s images. For example, I tried to imitate Cookie Monster when I saw a photo of a cookie. However, you are not limited to using your own voice. Some users get really creative by playing a song or creating a sound effect. On the other hand, some users can be quite lazy as well; they just let the app record the background noise.

Whether your the creative or lazy type, the important thing about Revoice is that you get to collaborate with other users and create your own mix of voices, music, and crazy sounds over one image.

 What’s new in Veems?

A couple of weeks ago, the Android and iOS version rolled out a new feature: sending a private Veem. Iddo Goren, the co-founder and programmer behind Veems, noticed that there is a steady increase of using the private message feature. So, the team found a way to take advantage of the special technology of combining an image and an audio by allowing users to send a private Veem to another user.


How to Send a Private Veem


You can send a private Veem to anyone, even if you don’t follow each other. Simply tap the username and you’ll be brought to the profile page. Once you’re on the person’s profile page, simply tap the “envelope” icon. Next, you’ll be able to either send a simple private message or send a Veem. To send a private Veem, tap the “camera” icon. This will prompt the camera to open. You can now snap a new photo, or choose one from your Camera Roll. Lastly, add your voice or any sound at all. Remember you only have four seconds! Make it count!

Private Veem
Here’s a screenshot of a private Veem I sent to Azrael of http://azraelsmerryland.blogspot.com/. He has a lot of funny Veems, so make sure to follow him. 🙂


 If you haven’t tried Veems yet, make sure to download it on your iOS and/or Android device. Make sure to follow GirlyGeekPh and I’ll follow you back. See and hear you there!



****Disclaimer: Although I am currently part of the Veems team, this post isn’t sponsored. 🙂 My good friend Ron of WAH Pinas gave me the brilliant idea for this post. Thanks, Ron!

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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