How the Hell Do You Survive a Normal Work Day When You Are PMSing



I consider myself a highly productive person. I have a morning routine that I follow quite strictly. I wake up, write my morning pages, practice Yoga, meditate, and watch inspirational videos while I drink pure, black coffee.

But when I’m PMSing, I’m a completely different person.

It takes me an hour to get out of bed. I question my morning routine, and quite frankly, there are days when I have lost all enthusiasm.  My emotions shift  from extreme joy to extreme melancholy in seconds. “Wow, the trees are so green. I feel so alive.” “Why is this day so long? Why can’t I just crawl in a hole and die?”


Well, when you’re an entrepreneur, you can’t crawl in a hole and die.

The world doesn’t care about your pain and discomfort. You’re expected to act normal and become a productive person.

So, how do you stay productive?

Develop productive habits.

We are creatures of habits. Most times, habits can override strong emotions. Although there are times I find it hard to get up in the morning, 90% of the time–when the alarm goes off–I’m up and about doing my morning routine. It doesn’t matter whether I’m feeling blue or having cramps.

My morning routine of writing, Yoga, and meditation is so ingrained in me that I just have to do it. It took me four years of experimentation to find a morning routine that works for me (and I’m always making tiny changes to make it better). It’s hard work to consistently perform the same ritual every morning regardless of where I am in the world, but it’s definitely worth it. My morning routine sets the tone of my entire day. It helps a mile especially when I’m PMSing.

Take the time to build your own morning routine. You don’t have to bend and sit in a lotus position, find something that works for you. But generally, your routine should include:


  • Physical exercise. Find an exercise that you can do every day–whether it’s Zumba, Yoga, or dancing in your underwear.  I used to suffer an almost immobilizing pain because of my varicose veins. However, when I made Yoga a habit, I discovered that varicose pains have become tolerable. Sometimes, I don’t get them at all.


  • Know how to stay still. Entrepreneurs need a way to stay still. A way to completely let go of your thoughts and just be in the moment. Meditation comes in different forms. I try to do the “traditional” meditation that’s incorporated in my Yoga practice. But sometimes, doing menial tasks like washing the dishes and vacuuming can be a form of meditation, too. The coolest form of meditation I know so far is our CEO’s:  playing the drums. Once he’s in the beat, his mind reaches an almost trance like state.

Plan ahead. 

While you can’t avoid getting a period and skip PMS, the great thing about it is that   it’s a cycle. You can exactly know when it’s coming! There are many apps that can help you track your cycle, including your emotions. Knowing your body and your mind gives you a lot of room to work with. When do the huge emotional shifts occur? Is it a week before your actual period?


Be kind to yourself.

You’re not a robot. Despite your drive and passion for your business, there are days when you will feel lost and useless. That’s okay. Remember that it doesn’t last. If you didn’t exercise two days in a row, that’s okay. If it took you two extra hours to stay in bed, don’t beat yourself up. You will not gain weight if you stop exercising in two days. The world doesn’t stop if you wake up late. As long as you snap back to your productive self, then you’ll be fine. You can always catch up.


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan