Do CD-R King Products Last?

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You love gadgets. They make your life easier. From flash drives to smarthphones to laptops, each gadget serves a specific purpose that makes your student or work life so much more convenient (and even cooler sometimes).

But the thing is, most gadgets are quite expensive. You can’t really buy it on a whim. You need to budget your money, plan ahead, and find the right brand.

Sometimes it can be frustrating when you’re itching to try something new–a smartwatch, a GoPro, or a new router–but you don’t have the funds.

The Techie’s Itch

If you’re a techie who’s always itching to explore something new, CD-R King’s got your back. It cures your itch at an incredibly low price.

Want a new 16 GB flash drive with a cool design? Or a new powerbank with a whopping 13000 mAh? Just walk in at any CD-R King branch, and most likely, you’ll go home with the gadget you’ve been looking for at half the price.

Is there a catch? Do CD-R King products last?

You probably have made fun of CD-R King’s warranty policies. Most people believe that because an item bears the ubiquitous blue and yellow logo, it would have a short lifespan.

Based on my experience, however, CD-R King products could last a long time. Some of them anyway.

Products we bought from CD-R King:


The whole bundle only cost P150 and  lasted for two years. It wasn’t the best sounding speaker, but hey, it worked fine for someone who was broke. 😉

That was more than five years ago.

A more recent CD-R King items I bought was 13000 mAh Powerbank. Bought it back in June 2014 and still works fine today. It was a lifesaver when typhoon Glenda caused a three-day blackout.

Of course, there are other stuff that didn’t work as smoothly as we hoped. But since they were discarded, I couldn’t remember them.

a collection of CD-R King products
CD-R King Haul. I love the tablet stand!


Side note: Carl and I usually drop by at CD-R King to buy one item. But most times, we end up buying more. There’s just so many tiny, interesting and sometimes quirky products.

Things that are okay to buy in CD-R King:

  • Accessories such as phone cases, laptop sleeves, tablet stands
  • Keyboards
  • Stylus
  • Powerbanks
  • Cables
  • UBS Hub, fans, lights
  • Cleaning tools

If the item is less than P500, then I would say it’s okay to risk it.

However, if you’re buying a more expensive item and something that you need to last for more than six months, then you need to be more careful. For example, I was planning to buy a CD-R King’s GoPro version. But it costs more than P3K and has a six-month warranty. I didn’t buy one right away. I will wait for more reviews and decide to buy at a later time.


You’re the Boss

At the end of the day, you’re the one knows what you need and how much you’re willing to spend. While CD-R king offers a lot of products that are cheaper compared to other stores, it’s still important to be a discerning consumer. Ask your friends. Read reviews. Research other options.

Have you bought products from CD-R King? How long did it last?

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Irene Chan

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