How to Achieve Your Goals Faster and Smarter with Mindstorming

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I love discovering new ways to help me reach my goals faster and smarter. A few days ago, I was watching one of Brian Tracy’s interview on YouTube. He shared a process called Mindstorming.  The main goal of Mindstorming is to dig deep in your brain for answers or solutions to a specific problem. You can also use it to find the best and fastest way to achieve your goals. The process is fairly easy and you can do it right away.

What You’ll Need:

  • An open mind
  • A pen
  • A piece of paper

How to “Mindstorm”

Write an open-ended question using your pen and paper. For example, if you want to earn P10 000 more each month, then your question would be like this:

How can I earn P10 000 more each month?

Once you have already written the question, you will need an open mind for the next step. Well, you also probably need a little patience. 🙂

Write 20 answers to the question. Yes, 20 answers!

The first five answers will come quite easily. There will be a bit of struggle in the next five. Once you have reached 10 answers, you may feel like you’ve hit a dead end. But don’t stop. Just keep going and write any idea that comes to mind.

Keep an open mind and tell your inner critic to shut up. Normally, our inner critic is the one that belittles us and questions our every thought. In mindstorming, you need to write down the answers even if they seem a little crazy and impossible.

I did this yesterday and I’ve come up with some pretty crazy answers. The question I asked was:

How can I find a high paying writing gig?

And  I wrote:

The talented Michelle Phan.

Contact Michelle Phan and ask her if she wants to hire me as a ghostwriter.

Super crazy, right? If my inner critic was “on”, it would probably say something like this:

Are you embarrassing yourself? Why would Michelle Phan want to hire you? You’re just some random blogger off the internet. 

See? The inner critic is a bitch! That’s why you want to turn it off when doing this activity so that all possible answers and resources have a chance in surfacing. Who knows the craziest answer may be the one thing you need to reach your goal?

When you are having trouble coming up with answers, take a break. Get a cup of coffee. Walk around the house. Check updates on your Facebook. Look around you. Some of the things around you may spark some ideas.

After you have written 20 answers, carefully go over each answer and see which ones feel right. I found four answers that are reasonable and quite easy to pull off.

I wrote those four answers on a separate to-do list. You can do this if you want or you can simply choose one and act on it right away.

I’m really glad that I discovered this goal-setting method. I will be using this more, most especially if I get stuck on something that I’m working on.

How about you? Are you willing to give this a try? Is there a goal setting technique that works best for you? 🙂

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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