How Awesome is IGN’s YouTube Start Channel

Today, IGN officially launched it’s YouTube Start Channel. I’ve been hearing about it from Naomi Kyle for a few weeks now, but I really didn’t know what the channel offers. Well, now I know. And I must say they’ve got a lot of awesome things lined up!

Here’s a quick preview of what START is all about:

Up at Noon

This episode is definitely hilarious! This show basically provides latest gaming news and interviews in the most brilliant and comedic way.

 Game Boss Fight

This show has quickly become my favorite. It’s pretty much like The Tester minus the theatrics (at least for now). Think like the Project Runway except the contestants are independent game developers. There are huge prizes at stake, and the challenges are both astonishing and grueling.

Cheap, Cool, Crazy with Naomi Kyle

The title pretty much says it all. There is no full episode yet, but the teaser is very intriguing. This is definitely another must-watch show.

I’m really impressed with IGN’s START concept. The shows are well thought-out and executed. The videos make me feel like watching high quality cable TV shows. Well done, IGN! I give you a 10 over 10!  🙂

What do you think about IGN’s START channel? Are the shows something you’re interested in? Do you love watching YouTube shows and series? Don’t forget to share your thoughts below. 🙂



Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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