My Adventure in Watching The Adventures of Tintin Special Screening


             It was two in the afternoon and I was quite irritable due to the heat. I was quite bored as well for being in front of the computer for a long time. But my irritation and boredom was replaced by pure excitement as I received the email about the special screening of The Adventures of Tintin in IMAX, Southmall.


I was excited for so many reasons. For one thing, I got invited to the special screening as a blogger. I’ve always wanted to attend blogger events! There were many events I’ve missed in the past, so I was sure that I wasn’t going to miss this one. Another thing that got me excited is the thought of sitting in IMAX wearing 3D glasses. Watching in IMAX is  a totallydifferent movie experience. Lastly, I was very excited because it was for free. 🙂

The Official Ticket for the Special Screening

When I got in the IMAX lobby, it was actually a lot more “festive” than I imagined. There were special camera lights, “celebrities”, and a red carpet. I felt underdressed. I was simply wearing my good old skinny jeans and sandals. However, I couldn’t care less. The important thing was that I was there, and my name was in the guest list. With my super powers, I also managed to get my boyfriend a ticket. 😉

After getting our tickets, we took advantage of the awards-like backdrop and took pictures. I was in a hurry in getting to Southmall, so I only had my iPod and phone with me as my official cameras. It didn’t have flash! It didn’t stop me, however, in taking pictures. (Note to self: Always bring a decent camera.)

The Super Models

There were a lot of people than I expected. There were about five super tall girls, who I believe are models. When they posed for pictures, I took out my iPod and took their photos as well. I didn’t know who they were, but they seemed important people. 😉

As we entered the IMAX Theater, a tray with nachos and iced tea were given to us. I only expected to sit inside the theater, and watch the movie, so the food was a nice surprise.

Since there were a lot of people, and we were not given assigned seats, I was worried that we will get the seats in the farthest row. But luckily, we got our usual seat at the center! A movie was also playing when we entered. So before watching Tintin, we reveled in the stunning 3D movie of quirky undersea creatures. 🙂

Me wishing I had camera with flash or SLR!

I didn’t personally know any background on Tintin. I wasn’t sure if I will particularly like the movie. However, since Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson collaborated to make this movie, I was confident that it’s going to be great! And boy was I right! From start to finish, the movie was filled with action and humor. There was never a dull moment!

After the movie, I was really happy of how things turned out. It was better than I imagined. I was so inspired to blog more consistently and seriously. =) At the end of the night, I realized this whole event was my own little adventure.


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