My Plans in the Event of a Zombie Apocalypse in Alabang

Although a zombie infestation is very unlikely to happen, I like to imagine my action plans when the earth is plagued by mindless and flesh-eating zombies. Once the virus reaches Alabang, I want to be prepared. First off, Ill be watching Zombieland again. It has really neat tips on how to survive. 🙂

There are a lot of factors that will affect my survival. First off, the place where the zombie apocalypse occurs can vary. I may be at a shoe store, at my apartment, or in an old rickety jeepney. I’d be lucky if I’m at the mall. Most of the time, I’m in my apartment; most likely I’d be in it once all the madness starts. Our apartment is actually pretty secure. We have a compound of eight apartments surrounded by high walls, and a thick iron gate. We can probably ride it out for a couple of days until the food supplies last. Of course, I have to think long term. Where is the best place to get food? I wouldn’t really rely on the government. Let’s face it. The chance of a zombie apocalypse is higher than the government doing something about the rampant poverty in the country. So I can only rely on myself, friends and family, and of course, the compilation of zombie movies in my harddrive.

Once we run out of food, there’s only one logical thing to do. I have to get to the nearest mall with a gun store: Festival Mall. 

But before venturing out, I need a kick ass weapon. We don’t have a firearm in the house or an axe or a  chainsaw. I do have a kitchen knife and a screw driver.  We also have a pair of “arnis”. Maybe we can sharpen the edges.   It should be sharp enough to pierce the Zombie’s skull.


After securing the weapons, our next problem would be transportation. Our main mode of transportation is a scooter. I know, it’s not a very cool vehicle like in Dawn of the Dead, but we have to exhaust all our resources. However, I reckon that the streets are filled with hordes of zombies. So, I really wouldn’t risk riding a scooter. The only thing to do is steal a car. I’m sure there will be lots of abandoned cars in the neighborhood to steal. For the first few days, I think there would be electricity and Internet. So I can probably Google how to steal a car.

Going to Festival is deadly risky. So I’m still quite undecided about this. I can probably settle for Save More, which is a lot closer. But I’m pretty sure there are no guns there. Ideally, Festival Mall is the best place to camp out in the event if a zombie apocalypse in Alabang. It pretty much has everything. It has grocery stores: Shopwise and Save More. There’s also Ace Hardware; it’s the next best place to find weapons after a gun store!

Another reason why I would risk going to Festival Mall is because of the medical supplies. It has two clinics: Healthway and My Health. Bandages, antibiotics, and Betadine wouldn’t be a problem. Who knows? Maybe there would be a trapped nurse there as well!

Besides food, weapon, and medical supplies, the Festival Mall has an array of entertainment options. Keeping myself entertained is very important. I can play foosball in Xcite and watch movies in HDTVs in Abenson’s or learn how to operate a movie theater.


So these are my plans in the event of a Zombie apocalypse. How about you? Would you stay indoors or camp out in the mall?




(This post was originally posted in my IreneInfinity.Info blog on Oct 31, 2011 as a Halloween post.)

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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