Ways to Use this 10 Apps For A Happier Romantic Relationship

We hate it when our boyfriend or girlfriend uses their phone while with us,  but we can use it to make our love lives more fun and memorable! Here are my ways of keeping a relationship fun with social media

Google Photos

google photos logo google photos

Relationship booster features

  • It automatically stores all the photos and video taken in a day and makes a movie! So, when you go out for a date, it automatically makes a movie or like a digital scrapbook!
  • You can create an album for every occasion or whatever kind of album you want for your relationship. Travel goals and memories anyone? 🙂


Facebook Messenger

From Mobipicker.com
From Mobipicker.com

Why Facebook Messenger and not any other? Because it basically has almost every in-app there is.. It makes your chats less boring!

Once you’re in a conversation, just click the icon inside the heart and all the apps below will appear.




Group Buying sites and online shopping


  • Ensogo and Metrodeal



Browse and enjoy discounted rates for hotels and other activities

  • Airbnb


Can’t find cheap hotel rates in your budget? Airbnb lets you search for willing homeowners who rent their house or room for a cheaper stay.

  • Lazada, Zalora, Shoppee

 shopee-logo lazadaph zalora

Browse gifts online and get it delivered for the ultimate surprise gift!



You can upload your videos your activities and adventure and travels in Youtube either privately or share publicly! You can even earn from your videos with Google Adsense.



wpid-screenshot_2016-03-14-13-29-48.jpg wpid-screenshot_2016-03-14-13-29-53.jpg wpid-screenshot_2016-03-14-13-29-44.jpg









Veems is not your typical messaging app. You can send secret sms/texts! Give your girlfriend/boyfriend the giddy feeling of receiving secret sms. Apart from that you can send photos with sound too 🙂

*Banner Image from www.freedigitalphotos.net

Amor Urate

Amor Urate

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Amor Urate

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