Here’s the secret to taking the perfect selfie!

The are different expert levels when it comes to taking selfies.

Meet my cousin Nicole. She’s a singer and a dancer. And she’s an expert in taking selfies.

a screenshot of nicole enriquez's instagram account
Here’s one of my cousin’s photo on her Instagram account.

a screenshot of nicole enriquez's instagram account

Want to know her secret in taking good selfies?

 It’s the camera extender.

photo of a person using camera extender
Here she is taking a selfie using a camera extender for her iPhone.


photo of a person using camera extender
Since this camera extender doesn’t have a remote shutter button, she has to set the self timer.


The handheld camera extender is collapsable; it’s the perfect selfie companion.

When I first saw the camera extender, I thought she was carrying that thing you use when you want to hang clothes in out-of-reach places. Although the handle might look the same, at the edge of the  extender you’ll find a holder for the iPhone–similar to those tripods dedicated for iPhones and other smartphones.

How does the camera extender help in taking the perfect selfie?

With the camera extender, you’re not limited by the length of your arms.  You can pretty much explore your face in different angles, or take photos from a higher vantage point.

Not only that, you can also take group selfies a lot better. Since you can take your phone farther, more people will fit in the photo.

group selfie using camera extender for iphone
Our group selfie with the help of the camera extender! 🙂


Note that in order for this set up to work, you have to rely on the self timer. There is no shutter button in the camera extender itself.

Some smartphones might not have self-timers but you can easily fix this by installing apps.

There are also camera extenders that have remote shutter button:

According to my cousin, she bought the camera extender for P900. For me, that’s pretty expensive. But since she’s in the entertainment industry and with more than 2000 followers in Instagram, it’s definitely a good investment for her. 🙂

There are plenty of camera extenders that you can choose from at a lower price. A quick search at Lazada shows that they have one for P450. I haven’t checked yet, but I’m pretty sure CD R King has one. 🙂

What do you think of the handheld camera extender? Is it something that you would buy?



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