Do you really need a DSLR?

A week ago, I finally got the Nikon D5100, and it’s been really fun taking photos in different settings. As of now, I only know how to take photos with the different automatic modes available. I don’t know how to shoot manually yet, but ย it’s pretty amazing what I can do with the automatic setting. So I’m really glad that I decided to buy a DSLR instead of the point and shoot camera.

Of course, I went through a lot of research and doubt before buying the DSLR. I’ve asked myself a lot of times whether I really need it. Although I know in my heart that I want a DSLR, I doubted at first if it is worth my money. So now, let me share with you the steps I’ve taken. Hopefully, this can help you decide if a DSLR is the right one for you.

Consider the price.

DSLR costs three or four times more than the point and shoot camera. An entry level DSLR can range from Php 30 000-50 000 depending on the brand and specifications. If you think this price is unreasonable for a camera, then you can tell right off the bat that you don’t really need a DSLR. However, if you consider the amount you’re going to spend as an investment rather than a luxury, then you can actually continue the next step. ๐Ÿ™‚
Determine the reasons why a DSLR can benefit you.

A good way to do this is to ask yourself, “Why do I need a DSLR?” As for me, I wanted it because I am interested in the art of photography. I also want to take my blogging and writing career to the next level. And I believe that writing and photography are the best combination. I can complement my blog posts with high quality photos. I also learned from a magazine editor that they usually want to see the photos first before you submit your article. A great article without high resolution photos is pretty much useless for a travel magazine. So considering my passion and my long term goals, owning a DSLR can be considered an investment.

You must be willing to learn.

The DSLR is a complicated machine. When I first held it in my hands, I was overwhelmed with the different buttons and settings available. Luckily, since I’m really passionate about photography and capturing precious moments, I’m more than willing to learn. Before buying a DSLR camera, this is a very important thing to consider. If you’re too impatient to learn or if you’re more comfortable of just simply taking photos, then a point and shoot camera is a more practical choice.

Another factor you may want to consider is that a DSLR is kind of bulky. You can’t really fit it in your purse like those sleek point and shoot cameras. If you don’t mind looking like a tourist, then this isn’t really a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚

So after considering these steps. it’s time to ask yourself again:

Do I really need a DSLR?

If the answer is a big Yes!, then go for it! If you’re still unsure, take the time to consider all the pros and cons.




Irene Chan

Irene Chan

Irene Chan loves two things: communication and technology. With this tech blog and her role as Head of Communications at Veems,ย she believes she has the best job in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides those two things, she's also crazy for coffee, dogs, and zombies.Follow her on Veems to get tips and fun updates from her geeky life.
Irene Chan

  • Len

    Yey! Finally, Irene! Congrats!


    • irene

      Thanks, Len! Happy New Year! =)

  • i just gave birth and i want to take baby some decent photos but i am not willing to spend so much money for a camera. is there a decent dslr that i can get for a budget of 20k?

    • irene

      Hi Emma, congratulations! =) As far as I know, you can get a decent DSLR for about 25-30k (nikon d3100). You can get it cheaper if you buy it in Quiapo or Henry’s in Glorietta. You can probably find second hand DSLR’s for 15-20k, but I think it would require a lot of time and research. I would recommend Panasonic’s Lumix LX5.It looks like a point and shoot camera, but it has DSLR features. You can get it at Henry’s at 16-18k. The price in mall is different which will be more than 20k. Hope this helps!