Happy Valentine’s (aka Samsung Galaxy S III vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 camera shots)

Happy Valentine’s Day, girly geeks!

What are your plans for today?

As for me, today is any other regular day. I have to work, eat, sleep, play video games, and blog. I usually don’t like celebrating holidays along with the rest of the world. Public places are too crowded. It’s not romantic at all! 🙂

So, as usual, my boyfriend and I celebrated Valentine’s two days early. It’s nothing fancy. We just went to Nuvali. I just wanted to go somewhere quiet, fresh, and relaxing.

And as you know, Nuvali is a great place to take photos! So, we were able to put our gadgets’ cameras to the test. When buying a phone nowadays, camera specs matter and can totally affect your decision.

I just want to share snapshots from Samsung Galaxy SIII (bf’s phone) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 (my tablet/phone). I hope this gives you a good idea on the lens performance of these Samsung gadgets.


Gadget Back Camera Front-facing Camera
Samsung Galaxy S III 8 MP 1.9 MP
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 3 MP 2 MP
  • Both come with LED flash and autofocus function.
I love creating a “stampede” effect to the fish! 🙂




My trusty combat boots! During long motorcycle rides, I’m much comfortable wearing boots. I feel like my feet are invinsible!


This one was taken using S III’s panorama mode. This is a 360-degree view of Nuvali, and the different shots were stitched together to form a single photo. I think it’s a pretty cool feature!

Photos from Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Colors are not as crisp when using this tablet, but it’s not bad, right? As long as you’ve got plenty of natural light, photos can have decent quality.

As the sun sets, the quality of photos gets lower as well.

So, what do you think? Did S III beat the Galaxy Tab 7.7?

When buying a phone or a gadget, is a good camera on top of your list?

That’s it for today! I just wanted to share a quick post and greet you a Happy Valentine’s! 🙂

May your day be filled with love from the people you care about!


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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