MoMax’s iPower Xtra Powerbank Review: The Energy Drink for Your Smartphone

Photo of a girly geek holding iPower Xtra
Want a drink? 😉

When you spend an all nighter studying for an exam or beating the deadline, you most likely need an energy drink. Lipovitan. Red Bull. Cobra. We turn to them when we need the extra boost. That’s probably why MoMax (from the words “Mobile” and “Max”), a company founded in Hong Kong, named this external battery pack “iPower Xtra”. It is even designed like a power drink can. It’s a visual message saying that this powerbank is going to give your mobile devices an extra boost when your smartphone’s “energy” is running low.

What do you look for when buying a powerbank?

Based on my experience, a good powerbank should:

  • have more than 5000 mAh. This way I can charge my iPhone at least 3 times.
  • have a slim design. For easy storage.
  • charge devices fast.
  • be reasonably priced.


Sexy and Sufficient

The iPower Xtra External Battery Pack stores 6600mAh of power. Not only the design is slim, it also has a premium feel to it. Plus, it is very unique. When people see it, they usually ask what it is or mention that it is very cute.

At the top of the powerbank, there is a lid—just like a soda can. But instead of a can, it is rubber and you can easily lift it. It covers the USB and Mini USB port.

A photo of iPower Xtra Powerbank
Flip and charge!

There are three blue LED lights to indicate the power capacity left. Basically, if there are two LED lights on, it means that it has 50% capacity left.


Photo of iPower Xtra External Battery Pack
It also lights up when charging.

The packaging is very simple. It comes with a short (approximately three inches) mini-USB to USB cable, which I believe is the perfect length for mobile charging.

Ever since I got the review unit, it has become a permanent addition in my bag along with my iPhone and lighting cable. During blogging and tech events, I use my iPhone 5C as the main camera, which could drain the battery really fast. Having the iPower Xtra gives me the peace of mind that I need knowing that I can charge my iPhone anytime. Since it’s quite small and lightweight, it’s easy to use my phone while charging.

Pricey versus Dicey

It is a bit pricey. I was using a CD-R king Powerbank before. It only cost me P680. MoMax, on the other hand,  is P2450. This price is usually the standard price for branded powerbanks with more than 5000 mAh. If you’ve been using a cheap version, its price might hard to swallow at first. But when you think about it, it’s definitely a quality product compared to non-branded powerbanks.

The iPower Xtra is built with the iPhone in mind, but it works with any smartphone or tablet. It is available in black, white, and blue. If you don’t like the can-like design, there are plenty of other MoMax external battery packs or power banks from MoMax. You can check out some of the other designs on their website. You can also find them in Digital Hub, Digital Walker, and Games and Gadgets branches nationwide.
Though iPower Xtra is a bit pricey compared to non-branded power banks like CD-R King, I believe it’s definitely a keeper. With its unique design and 6600 power capacity, it’s definitely a reliable companion for your mobile devices.



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