Swimming with Gadgets: How Smartphones Changed Summer Getaways (Plus Bonus Tips)



After a long hiatus from the beach scene, yesterday I finally reunited with the sandy shore. My family and I went to Aquaria, a newly opened resort, in Calatagan, Batangas. The resort both has beach and pools. I noticed how much has changed with the way people spend their time in the beach.

I saw people sitting by the edge of the pool while holding their waterproof Sony tablets and smartphones.

I saw a selfie-obsessed guy who took a selfie while going down the water slide with his friend.

I saw groups of friends holding all sorts of camera extenders to take a group selfie.

Even though I am a selfish-obsessed fellow as well, I decided to leave my iPhone at the bottom of my bag. For someone who considers a smartphone as an appendage, it was such a big deal! I thought that bringing my iPhone with me as I frolicked around the beach was going to be distracting.

A beach bum for a day. 🙂

So, the strategy was to take lots of photos before swimming. My sisters and I thought that it was the most “logical” thing to do. We can take all the photos we want while still looking “polished” before  changing into our swimsuits. At the same time, we didn’t have to bring around our smartphones as we enjoyed the beach and the pools. Not only we can keep our gadgets safe, but the same time, we were able to focus on having fun!

Taking care of your gadgets during outings:

* Only bring one gadget.

Nowadays, a lot of us have multiple gadgets besides our phone. Most times, we either have a tablet or a netbook that we use on the go. This is most especially true if you’re a freelancer or a business person. Actually, the night before our trip, I actually had to face a big decision: Should I bring my Mac or not? I thought to use my MAC during “downtimes”. But then I realized that I wasn’t going to the beach to work but to actually forget about work and unwind.

* Leave your phone with a family member who isn’t swimming or get a locker.

Doing so allows you to enjoy the environment rather than worrying about your gadget. In a way, it felt liberating for me to walk around with nothing but my swimsuit on. No makeup. No smartphones.

* Bring powerbank if you’re using your phone as main camera.

Personally, I use my iPhone as my main camera. I don’t like using another camera. I want my photos all in one place. So, if you’re like me, make sure to bring a powerbank. Smartphone batteries can drain faster than you can say water slide when you’re using the front and back cameras.

What’s your summer outing like? Did you also notice lots of people using their gadgets by the pool?



Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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