3 Reasons Why I love Using Bubbly

Get Your Voice Heard with Bubbly

In a few years, do you think bubbling would be such a hit like tweeting?

Oh, what is “bubbling” you ask? Bubbling comes from the word Bubbly. It is a social networking site that allows you to record your voice as your status instead of text. Twitter has a 140-character limit, while Bubbly has one-minute limit for each recording.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now, and I am loving it!

1. It’s a good way to practice speaking.

I grew up in a family surrounded by music and DJ’s. Two of my uncles were DJ’s. In fact, one of them is still a DJ! 🙂 My grandfather , while technically not a DJ , sometimes does voice overs of his favorite radio shows when he was a teenager. So it’s natural for me to communicate my thoughts through voice.

I guess that’s why I took up Broadcast Communication in college. Although my work now mainly involves writing,  a part of me still wants to become a DJ. So with the creation of Bubbly, I can now practice my oral communication skills. I can practice my diction and my pronunciation. Plus, it makes my brain sharp! Thinking of something to say in one minute is a great brain exercise. 🙂

2. It’s a more personal way to connect online.

Sure, you can convey your tone and meaning through words online. But with voice, the communication becomes more personal. It’s like leaving your friend a voice mail.  You can tell whether they’re happy, excited, or bored.

So far, I haven’t explored the different celebrities that are using Bubbly, but wouldn’t it amazing to hear a quick voice message from your favorite star? As a fan, I’ll be thrilled to hear voices of my favorite singers, actors, and artists!

Bubbly is still in its early stages, but I can see public figures taking advantage of this social app to connect with their followers. Bollywood celebrities are actually leading the Bubbly charge. Will Hollywood follow suit? We’ll just have to wait and see.

3.It’s an alternative for writing posts.

I have been so busy lately, and I’m really trying hard to squeeze in blogging in my daily schedule. With the help of Bubbly, I can record a quick voice message about topics related to my blog. Just the other day, I recorded a review of the Borderlands game. You can click here to listen.

Do you love the idea of sharing your own voice? Do you think that it’s going to be a major hit in the social media industry? Would you be willing to give it a try? If you’re going to sign up, please do follow me. My username is ireneenriquez. See you in Bubbly!




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Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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