Astrid Tasks Review: Best Free Task Manager for Android and iOS


One of the first few things I did when 2013 started (besides working out to lose the pounds I gained over the holidays) was to look for a new to-do list app. I believe that having an exceptional to-do app is a great way to keep track of the things I need to do in order to accomplish my goals this year.

So, I set out to look for the perfect app. Ideally, it should be:

  • free;
  • available in iOS, Android, and PC;
  • send reminders through email; and
  • allow me to organize tasks in a different lists.

Luckily, I was able to find one that has all these features and more!

Introducing: Astrid Tasks!

Astrid Tasks is not only available for iOS, Android, and PC, but it also allows you to use your existing Gmail and Facebook account to login. It also has a cute design and plenty of other features packed in a free downloadable app. 


Despite its many features, Astrid Tasks is very easy to use. The interface is divided into three parts. The left side contains all the lists you’ve created and the built in lists included upon download.

In the middle, you can see all the tasks under each list.

At the bottom, you can easily add a task and click the plus sign to add it in your existing lists. You can edit it later on if you want to share it with someone or transfer it to another list.

The right side shows the history of your activities inside Astrid Tasks. I found this to be a convenient feature. Sometimes there are old tasks that I want to add in my to-do list again. So, I just scroll down and put it back on the list.

Most of the time, you’ll be putting in two types of tasks: one-time and recurring tasks. As usual, it’s a no-brainer to enter one-time tasks. Now, entering recurring tasks is also quite easy, but it needs more information like start date and how often you want to do the task. The good thing is it will allow you to pretty much set any recurring task you can think of. For example, I set a task to remind myself to publish a blog post every Wednesday.

Easy Sharing

This is one of my favorite features. Honestly, most of the free to-do apps don’t have this awesome feature. You can share an entire list with your friends or family members. Since this app is available on PC, Android, and iOS, you can pretty much invite everyone who as a Gmail account.

Let’s say for example, you want to remind your mom to exercise everyday. You can create a list under “Health” (or whatever you want to call it), and your mom will be reminded everyday to exercise. She will get a notification through her email about the tasks. If she does exercise and checks of the task, you will also be notified. Neat, huh?

This feature is especially useful for me. Sometimes my boyfriend and I have some projects to work on. With this app, I can easily create a list of all the things we need to do. Plus, it’s a great tool to keep track of what we’ve accomplished so far.

I also use it to remind him to exercise! 🙂

Other neat features:

  • When someone calls you and you missed it, Astrid Tasks will prompt you to create a task “call later”.
  • Assign a personalize photo from your gallery for each list . I usually use photos of my dog. 🙂
  • Besides manually typing the tasks, you can also use voice commands! Although it’s not highly accurate, it’s a great alternative for shorter tasks like “clean house” or “send letter”.
  • When checking off a task you’ve completed, the Astrid “mascot” gives you encouraging statements. I personally love this feature as it confirms that I’ve accomplished a task, and “somebody” commended me for it.

This to-do list app is perfect for you if:

  • you like to organize your tasks according to lists;
  • you want a reminder of recurring tasks (daily, weekly, monthly);
  • want to work with another person in accomplishing tasks; and
  • if you want a really good app, but don’t want to spend money for paid versions.

If you want to start your year right, I’d highly recommend downloading this app. Astrid Tasks goes beyond the typical to-do lists app. It’s not only functional, but it’s also cute and clever with all its features.

Now, go ahead and download Astrid Tasks! It’s free anyway, so you’ve got nothing to lose! If you can, add in this in your to-do list: Like Geeky Girly Life’s Facebook Page. 😉

What’s your favorite to-do app? Do you use an app or do you still like the old school way of writing it down? Either way, the important thing is that you are on top of your to-do list!  🙂




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