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Most cell phones and handheld gadgets have front facing cameras nowadays. Supposedly, front facing cameras should be used for Skype or Facetime. But honestly, I rarely use it for video calls. For me, a front facing camera is actually the perfect high tech pocket mirror.

Ever since I’ve been using the fourth generation iPod touch , I no longer feel the need to include a pocket mirror in my “kikay” (beauty) kit. The front facing camera of most handheld devices serves as a great alternative. It’s an easy way to check my makeup, hair, or if there’s food stuck in my teeth without having to carry an extra mirror. 🙂 Plus, if I like how I look, I can easily snap a quick photo.

I’m sure a lot of you also do the same thing with the front facing cameras of your phone or iPod. That’s why there are more and more mirror apps that are being developed for iOS and Android.

Recently, I’ve discovered two amazing mirror apps for the iPod. They are easy apps that are perfect to use as mirrors and as photo apps, too! And best of all, they are both free!

Mirror Zoom

As the name suggests, it’s a mirror app that allows you to zoom in on your face. You can simply pinch or double tap the screen in order to zoom in. You can easily revert back to the normal view by shaking the iPod or by double tapping the screen again. I especially like the “zoom in” option when I want to take a closer look at my eyeliner or eye shadow.

This app has a very simple interface. Once you click on the app, it brings you right to the “mirror” without any extra options or buttons. It’s a no-nonsense app that gets the job done!

Mirror by App Cubby

mirror app by cubby
You have the option to “disable ads” for this app, but you have to pay $.99.

Now, if you want a mirror and take photos at the same time, Mirror by App Cubby is a little more advanced than Mirror Zoom. It doesn’t let you zoom in and out when using it as a mirror, but you can tap on the screen to freeze the frame and take a photo. You also have the option to easily share the photo through Facebook, Twitter, and email.

As you know, every free app comes with relentless ads. So expect both of these mirror apps to serve ads as you use them. But the good thing is that the way the ads are displayed won’t really affect your “mirror” experience. For Mirror Zoom, there are times that the ads don’t show at all.

There are plenty of other free mirror apps that you can use for iOS and Android. Each has different features that will suit your preference and style. Some are very basic, while others give you more control in terms of lighting and the design of your mirror.

Do you also use your front facing camera as a mirror? Do you love mirror apps, too? 🙂

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan

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