How to be a Happy Gamer’s Girlfriend

Recently, a clever wife posted an interesting ad in Craiglist. She’s selling her husband of two years who spent days and weeks playing Modern Warfare, and consequently “ignoring” her. She posted it as a joke, (which I found hilarious), but I believe it also sends a message that not a lot of women can put up with boys who are hooked in video games. We girls love getting all the attention, right? So we feel it is not right that our boyfriends spend more time with Nathan Drake or Cole MacGrath.

Over the years, I’ve learned valuable lessons, which helped me, maintain a harmonious and happy relationship with a hardcore gamer.

1. Accept the truth.

There is no way around it; you must accept that your boyfriend is a gamer. This truth is this: your boyfriend isn’t going to give up gaming for you. So, before entering a relationship with a gamer, read the terms and conditions before you click the “I agree” button. 😉

Once you’ve accepted the truth, you will feel more comfortable with the hours and the money that your boyfriend spends to sustain his love for video games. You will not find it absurd. After all, you also spend a ridiculous portion of your income in buying shoes, bags, and girly stuff. =)

2. Take interest in the games he plays.

I’m sure most of the time, as a gamer’s girlfriend, you will find yourself snuggled up in the couch with your boyfriend. But instead of talking to you, his eyes are glued to the TV screen. Instead of holding your hands, he holds the controller. When this happens, do not be disappointed that he didn’t notice you bought a new tank top for the date or your newly polished toenails.

As you sit there, immerse yourself in the game. You don’t have to play video games to enjoy it.

Watch him play. Watch the cut scenes and ask him questions if there’s anything you’ve missed. How did Cole MacGrath get his “ice powers”?

Think of video games as long movies where you get to control the characters and even how the story ends. When you become hooked with the stories, instead of being a little hesitant on your next date, you will actually look forward to it and how the story turns out!

3. Support and don’t abort. 

There are times when you feel like your boyfriend seems to love video games more than you. Maybe he has spent 100 hours playing Call of Duty in a week, while you only get to spend two hours a day together. Or he can’t call you when he’s in the middle of a team death match.

You have to understand that playing video games is his first love. This doesn’t mean, however, that he loves you less. He just loves video games in a different way, but he doesn’t want to make out with it. (He can’t even if he wanted to! :))

So, if you feel like you are being taken for granted, do not abort the relationship. Try supporting him instead. On your anniversary, surprise him by buying him game related merchandise or the latest game release he has been talking about for months.

Although these steps may seem to be all in his favor, it will actually do wonders for you, too. It will help you become a more supportive and agreeable girlfriend.  You will discover new super powers and remarkable characters.

And because you understand your boyfriend’s obsession, he will understand yours. He will also show interest when you go shoe shopping. He will take note of the things you like and buy them for you. The communication in your relationship will improve because you have more things to talk about.

Playing co-op games is actually a great bonding moment. Some of my favorite co-op games that I played with my other half are Gears of War, Resident Evil 5 and 6, Ratchet and Clank, and Borderlands 1 & 2. Why not give it a try! Warning though. It can be very addicting! 🙂

So actually, you’re not just doing it for him. You’re doing it for yourself, too! He’s happy… you’re happy. Everybody wins! *wink wink


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