How to Use Your Mobile Gadgets to Live an Active and Healthy Lifestyle

Is technology making us lazy? Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of students’ essays at work about the pitfalls of using technology. They write that it makes people lazy and prevents people from doing more physical activities.

While this may be true to an extent, I believe that we can actually use technology to our advantage–most especially in striving for a healthy and active lifestyle. We are living in a world where smartphones and tablets may deem computers obsolete. Now, more than ever, this is the time when we can use technology to help us achieve our fitness goals.

So, how can you exactly use your mobile gadgets to help you become fit and fabulous?

1. Have a clear beauty or fitness goal.

When starting every workout, it’s important to have a clear goal. Not everyone is trying to have six-pack abs. Do you want to lose 10 pounds? Or do you wish to have Shakira’s waist? When you are clear with what you want to accomplish, you will find it easy to gather all the tools and resources you need. More importantly, you can choose specific exercises that suit your goals.


For example, my goal is not really to lose weight. I’m more interested on consistently living an active lifestyle. I noticed that I’m more confident and happy when I’m constantly on the move. So, any exercise will do for me. Most of the time, I do a little bit of dancing, jogging, and Yoga.



2. Check existing gadgets that you can utilize that will help you with your goal.

After you’ve carefully considered your fitness goals, you can start checking what you currently have that can help you.

 What are the current mobile gadgets that you own?

Nowadays, it is normal to own multiple gadgets. You might have an iPod touch and a smartphone. One of these mobile gadgets can be your workout buddy. Your workout buddy can play your favorite music, time your exercises, and can even track your progress.


As for me, I’m currently using my Samsung tablet as my workout buddy. I know it’s quite big to lunge around or to bring during a run, but it’s got plenty of features. I can use it to watch workout videos on YouTube, track my daily steps, and play podcasts.


Side note: If you don’t have a fancy smartphone or tablet, you can always turn to your trusty desktop computer. With the internet, you have access thousands of YouTube videos and fitness websites at your fingertips.



3. Use YouTube app to find workout that suits your goal and fitness level.


YouTube is a goldmine for all sorts of workout! It has literally everything—from cardio exercises to body building. The videos also provide different levels of difficulty. But mostly, you’ll find gazilions of exercise videos for beginners. If you’re pressed for time, YouTube videos can be an easy and quick fix. You can find workout as short as ten minutes, which can target specific parts of your body.


The great thing about doing exercises from YouTube videos is that it’s free! If I get bored with Zumba, I don’t have to enroll to another class and waste my money. I can learn jazz dance the next day without any problems.


Quick tip: Although it’s easy to switch exercise programs, it’s still best to stick with a specific routine. This way you can tell which workout program works best for you.


Depending on your device, you can also save these videos so you can access it anytime even without internet connection.


Here are some fitness channels that you can check for awesome workout videos:

4. Use fitness-training apps to choose the type of workout you want to do.

If you’re not a fan of following fitness gurus in YouTube, there are hundreds of apps that can help you with your workout routine.  These apps provide different training programs that can help you lose weight or reach a certain level of fitness.


Recently, I’m using Nike Training Club and Ladies’ Ab Workout Free. Nike Training Club provides a variety of exercise that can help you target specific parts of your body. Ladies’ Ab Workout, on the other hand, is a free app solely dedicated for the ladies who want to have a desirable flat tummy.


5. Track your progress through the different health & fitness apps.

Tracking is crucial when you’re trying to reach a certain fitness goal. It tells you exactly where you are and where you want to be. It also serves as a motivation for you to do more and do better.


Luckily, there are hundreds of apps available in Android and iOS that can help you track your weight, the specific exercises you’ve performed, and the time you’ve spent for each exercise. There are also apps to help you count calories and keep track of your eating habits.


This is my favorite part actually! I love tracking the activities that I did for the day. Even if they might seem so trivial, I still record it. A few minutes of dancing are better than just sitting around and eating Cheetos. 🙂


Here are some apps that I’m currently using:


Walkroid– This is basically a digital pedometer. Unlike the clip-on pedometers, it can give you a comprehensive summary and history of your steps.  It tracks how many steps you’ve taken since you first used the app and converts it to distance (km/miles). Although it has more features, it’s not as accurate as the physical pedometers.


My Training Log-This is a simple and easy way to track the exercises you’ve done in a day. You can record the duration and the type of exercise. It also gives you a summary of the work out you’ve already recorded.


5. Keep yourself motivated through inspirational apps.


There are times that you will feel like giving up. Maybe you feel like can’t seem to lose the extra five pounds even after a few months of working out. Or maybe PMS is acting up and hindering you to do stuff. This is where inspirational apps come in. Using these apps is a quick and easy way to perk you up.



This app allows you to access hundreds of awesome and life-changing talks. Here’s one of my favorite TED talks of all time:



You can also listen to podcasts while you’re working out. I usually look forward to my morning run because it means that I get a quiet time for myself and just listen to my favorite podcasts. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. I’m keeping myself fit, and I’m learning new things at the same time.


You can easily download podcasts from iTunes and podcast apps. There are plenty of free podcasts on different subjects that can keep you busy.


6. Share your goal or progress through the different social networking apps.

If an inspirational app won’t do the trick, why not turn to your friends? (You should actually turn to them in the first place. But if you’re not very open about these things, sometimes an app can be a better workout buddy.) With your Facebook or Twitter app, getting in touch with our friends is just a click away.

Do you have a friend who’s also trying to stay fit? You can actually team up with that friend, so you can check on each other.


Quick Tip: You can also share photos of your progress for all the world to see. It’s a great way to boost your confidence. Who knows you might inspire other people to workout too? Just don’t overdo it!


7. Reward yourself.

This is the best part! It’s important to set small goals and reward yourself whenever you accomplish them. This is one of the things that can keep you going.


The reward is not limited to your mobile gadgets. You can go as crazy as you want! On cheat day, you can eat cheesecake, or your favorite ice cream.

I actually just ate a slice of cheesecake as a reward for the good job I’ve done the other day. For the first time, I walked more than 6000 steps in a single day! I know 6000 steps is not a lot compared to the recommended 10000 steps, but it’s definitely a huge achievement for me.

I hope that after reading this post, you will look at your iPhone or smartphone as a piece of technology that can actually make a difference in your life.

So, what do you think? Is technology really making us lazy? Or do you believe that it’s actually a helpful tool in keeping track of your fitness goals?





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