Every Woman Needs This App – Period Tracker

We girls go through a lot of pain and discomfort every month. Periods (or “menzies”) and PMS can take a lot of energy and can be quite stressful. The good thing is there is an app that can make this monthly experience a lot easier.

I came across this app that is dedicated for women around the world.  (I spend a lot of time checking out apps in iOS and Android. I honestly don’t know how I ended up finding this app. :)) Period Diary is a free period tracker. It’s a very simple and functional app for women who want to track their period, take note of their emotions, and connect with other women online.


So basically, the main purpose of the app is to allow you to track your period. You simply need to enter the date through the calendar. And at the center of the flower, it tells you how many days until your next cycle. The default is a 28-day cycle, but you can easily adjust this setting if you have an irregular cycle.

I use the hungry mood a lot. 🙂

Not only it allows you to track the date, it also tracks your emotions through cute emoticons. This is very important for me because I undergo a terrible PMS episode every month. There are months that I struggle with a lot of PMS symptoms such as lower back pain, breast pain, headache, irritation, and a dose of bitchiness. So, allowing me to track these emotions help me prepare and find a better way to deal with it.

Style and Interface

I immediately fell in love with the style and overall look of the app. The flower at the center is very appropriate for the theme.  You can access everything from the flower and its petals. You can also change the theme if you’re not a big fan of pink.

If you want to protect your privacy, the app allows you to enter a pass code. This ensures that you’re the only one who can access all your “menzies” files.

In addition to the period tracking features, you can also connect with other women online through the forums section. You can talk about all the girl stuff such as periods, pregnancy, and other women health concerns.

Anyone who has an iPhone or smartphone can use this app because it’s free! The only downside to this is the occasional ads that will pop up. You have the option to upgrade to a “pro” version for $1.99. But the free version works great for me. I don’t feel the need for an upgrade.

There are many other period tracking apps out there, but so far this is the cutest and the best one I’ve seen and used. It’s like the ultimate digital organizer specifically for periods and PMS.

Do you also use a period tracking app? Do you think it’s a helpful tool? Let me know what you think, girly geeks!

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan

  • wow! and there’s an app for the period…… period!
    hmm how about for us guys…must google play search hehehe

    • Irene Enriquez

      I know!haha I was surprised to stumble upon this app, but it’s pretty awesome.hehe I’m not sure if there’s an app for “manstrating” men.haha Let me know if you find anything. Thank you for dropping by! I appreciate it! 🙂