The Danger of Comparing New Games to Other Popular Titles

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Do you read reviews of video games before buying them? Often times a newly released game is compared to a hugely successful and popular game in the same genre. When Candy Crush was at the height of its popularity, it was often compared to the Bejeweled franchise.

Comparing games is a great way to give you a picture of what a new game offers. The new game becomes familiar and can influence your decision in buying a game. However,  it has also its dangers that could ruin the entire experience. Your preconceptions might hinder you to actually see the new game on its own. It’s like telling your friend that your crush looks exactly like Tom Hiddleston, but when your friends meet him for the first time he actually looks nothing like the Loki actor. Well, maybe their hair is similar and they might have the same killer smile, but still…you already have set your expectations so high that you end up disappointed.

Recently, I finished playing Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc. And it is an exceptionally great game–at least for a murder and mystery junkie like me. However, when I first played Danganronpa, I struggled quite a bit and had doubts whether to continue playing the game.


New Game versus Popular Title


The main reason why I bought this game in the first place was because it was compared with Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward and the Ace Attorney series. Honestly, I only read snippets of the Metacritic reviews and saw reviewers mention these popular titles, which happens to be two of my favorite games.

I didn’t want to read the reviews in its entirety because I didn’t want spoilers. I know reviews don’t generally include spoilers in the storyline. But still, I wanted the game to be a mystery as much as possible. It was enough for me to know that it has a high Metacritic score and that it might offer me a similar experience in Virtue’s Last Reward and Ace Attorney.

From Excitement to Disappointment

But when I started playing the game, I was quite disappointed. The first two hours was such a drag. I feel like I wasn’t going anywhere, and I felt like just a spectator instead of the person in-charge with the game. There were no nose-bleeding puzzles to solve like in Virtues Last Reward, and investigating objects became repetitive.

If Trigger Happy Havoc wasn’t compared to other games, I would have been more excited and less disappointed in the first few hours of the game.

Luckily, I was patient enough to continue.

I’m glad that I did.

Although Danganronpa isn’t exactly like Virtue’s Last Reward, it is an exceptionally great game.

By the end of the first Chapter, I began to see why it was a lot like Ace Attorney. The story is mind blowing as well, and I grew very close with the characters. It was an emotional roller coaster ride.

Next time, I will be more careful in reading reviews and using a previous game to set the standard for the new one.

How does comparison in video game reviews affect your decisions when buying a new game?








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