PS4 First Impressions

When the PS4 came out last year, I was quite excited to have one. But as most of you know, here in the Philippines, a newly released console costs so much more than the U.S. price. Luckily, last month, the prices have gone down! The waiting is over, as we now have a PS4 at home! ๐Ÿ™‚

Want to know how I psyched I am? Hover on the photo and find out!

We bought the PS4 from Datablitz in SM Megamall. It costs P17500. It only includes the console and one controller. As my boyfriend and I play coop games, getting another controller is a must. The black controller costs P2300 from Datablitz, while the blue and red costs P300 more.


I absolutely adore the controller. Sony really did a great job on its design and functionality. It looks sleek and feels great to the hands. I also love the “Share” button. I immediately tried it out when I played Diablo.

Speaking of Diablo III, it is an awesome game for the PS4! Playing offline coop is seamless. We didn’t experience any sluggishness and the screens load fast.

Are you planning to get a PS4 this year?


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan