Why people strive to survive even if there’s no hope

Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t played The Last of Us and Left Behind yet, please do not read this post. Go ahead and play it first! You won’t regret it. Trust me.

screenshot from the last of us game
Joel and Ellie from The Last of US

Stories set on a post-apocalyptic world are very popular. With the overwhelming success of TV series like The Walking Dead and games like the The Last of Us, it seems that people are obsessed with survival themes.

But what draws us to these shows and video games?

Is it the gore?

And why do characters always find the will to survive despite knowing that there is death at every corner?

Personally, I root for characters to live and to survive. I even get so attached that I cry when a character dies. I can understand their devastation and loss. But there’s one thing that I can’t fully understand: how the characters manage to keep on going.

I can’t understand why they must kill, cheat, lie, and spill blood just so they could live.

I just don’t think that I can do the same thing.

If I can really be honest, if I were one of the characters, I would welcome death at every turn.

However, after playing Left Behind, I now understand why people must survive. Why they must fight every single day. Why they must endure the hunger, the pain.

ellie and riley from left behind
Ellie and Riley, the main characters of Left Behind.

It is because we have to fight for every chance that we get to be with the people we love. It doesn’t matter whether it’s “two seconds or two days” (paraphrasing from Riley’s lines).

Maybe I did understand why people strive to survive before.

However, Riley’s character expressed– in the most poetic way–why people must strive to live even for just another second.

If one day, the world becomes infested with walkers or clickers, I will find the will to survive. I will find the courage to keep on going and the strength to just keep on breathing.


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