10 Small Changes for a Healthier Lifestyle

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The first rule in Zombieland is Cardio. I find this rule both practical and logical, not only in a post-apocalyptic world, but most especially in real life. Exercise is very important so you have the energy to do daily tasks easily. And if ever the world becomes infested with mindless zombies who want to eat you, then you never have to worry about running out of breath. 😉

In addition to cardio, you also need to eat a healthy diet. That’s why for the past few weeks, I’ve been reviewing my habits and making a few changes. These changes in my diet, physical activity, and my overall attitude will help me become a healthier and happier person.

I don’t really follow a strict or extreme diet. Extreme diets are hard to maintain! So my meal plan is pretty basic. I try to avoid these three things: salt, sugar, and flour. According to self-improvement writer Brian Tracy, these three things are considered as “white poison”. He also adds that when you control your intake, you’ll significantly see an improvement in your body.

If you’re like me who wants to live a healthy lifestyle, I hope that you will find these little changes practical and useful.

1.    When eating a burger, only eat the veggies and the patty.

I discovered this little trick from Kim Kardashian. I read it from OK! Magazine, and I said why not give it a try? So I did! And for almost a month now, I’m enjoying burger patties without the buns.

2.    Munch on nuts instead of junk foods.

Even though I want to make changes in my diet, I still want to have the ability to munch on something. So I did some research on healthy alternative snacks. I discovered that nuts like cashew, walnut, and almond can be great options. They have less fat and contain nutrients that are good for the heart and the body.

3.    Eat less rice and bread.

We need carbohydrates for energy, but too much can also be a bad thing. So I no longer eat bread every day. And I only eat half a cup of rice for every meal.

4.    Ban sugared drinks! Stick with water!

I no longer drink sodas, iced tea, and other sugared drinks. Although I make an exception during weekends. 🙂 During the work week, I stick with water. Occasionally, I do drink coffee and hot cocoa to keep me awake while working.

5.    Be selective of what you eat in fast food chains.

If I don’t have any choice and eat at fast food chains, I try my best to order something healthy. For example, when I order McDonald’s delivery, I order chicken nuggets, and then eat only very little portion of rice. So mostly, I just order chicken and avoid fries and sundaes.

6.    Opt for healthy desserts.

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I usually crave something sweet after eating a meal. So instead of craving fancy desserts and munching on chocolates, I eat fruits instead. As much as possible, I eat one banana with each meal. But I also stock on canned fruit cocktails if I don’t get the chance to buy fresh fruits. I eat the fruits “fresh” from the can and top it with a small amount of whipped cream.

7.    Do cardio at least 10 minutes five days a week.

 Doing an exercise routine for 10 minutes a day is much better than a one time, big time workout once a week. There is a smorgasbord of 10-minute workout videos in YouTube that you can choose from. Most of them are really fun and easy to do.

8.    Try a few Yoga poses.

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Stretching after every after your workout is very important. What better way to stretch than to do Yoga poses? It not only helps your muscles relax, it also makes your mind calm with the breathing techniques.

9.    Meditate for a few minutes.

Clearing your mind and being still for a few minutes can really go a long way. Meditation doesn’t have to be fancy where you need to look like a monk and sit in lotus position. You can simply sit or lie still for eight minutes or so and just focus on your breathing. If you do this, you’ll find that you are more alert and more in touch with yourself.

10. Think positive.

Most of all, you need to have a positive attitude. Being positive is the key in order to implement the changes you want in your eating and exercise habits.

And of course, once you’ve slowly implemented some or all of these changes in your daily routine, don’t forget rule #32 from Zombieland: Enjoy the little things!

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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