How Unlimited Data Plan Saved My Ass

When you forget your password on Facebook or other sites, it’s easy to reset it, right? You simply click “forgot password” and then in less than a minute, you have a new one.

So, imagine my surprise when I was asked to go to the Computer Center  in order to reset the password for my CRS account. Yesterday, I enrolled as a graduate student in UP Diliman. And as part of the registration process, you get a CRS account. It includes things like your student profile and the classes you’re taking for the semester.


But the problem was I couldn’t log in with the temporary user name and password given to me. When I asked for help, everyone said, “Go to the Computer Center.” So off I went. I didn’t know that the building was five blocks (I think!) away from the College of Mass Communication building!

When I reached the Computer Center, I was told that they couldn’t reset my password because I wasn’t in the “database”.  Because my knee was in pain, I was already limping on my way there. And when someone tells you “you’re not in the database” you’ll feel infinitely much older.

Anyway, my trip to the Computer Center was futile, as I had to go to another building to get my account fixed.

Grab Taxi Help

grab taxi screenshot

I couldn’t imagine walking more than ten steps. I opened Grab Taxi on my phone. I didn’t care how much it cost. I just don’t want to walk anymore! Unfortunately, Grab Taxi wasn’t helpful at all. I think the drivers ignored my request.

While I didn’t get a ride through Grab Taxi, I realized how helpful having unlimited data is.

I believe the most important part that it helped me was when my account got fixed and got a new password. Before leaving the CRS office, I took a moment to browse the website on my phone and tried logging in. After two tries, it finally worked! Imagine if I left and went back to the College building only to find out that the password isn’t working! It was a huge time saver!

Other ways having unlimited data has helped me:

  • With Waze and Google Maps, I was able to find landmarks and buildings quite easily.
  • With Safari, I was able to search for alternate routes for my trip back home.
  • With Facebook, I was able to kill the time while falling in line.
  • With YouTube, waiting for more than hour during lunch time seemed a lot shorter.
For the past two days, my life has been a series of lines.


I wanted to give my iPhone a hug because it was so helpful! I went through hell yesterday with all the lines, walking, and the commute. Oh the long, brutal commute!

I’m paying 1500 a month to have unlimited data plan with SMART. It was the best decision I’ve made when I won my iPhone. I know this might sound like a sponsored post from SMART. But it isn’t! This is based on a true story. 🙂

If you’’re thinking of getting a plan–not just with SMART but with any telco–I highly recommend choosing the unlimited data plan. If you’re a student, an entrepreneur, or a freelancer like me, it is a huge ass saver!


I can finally enjoy this welcome message! 🙂


Are you planning to get unlimited data plan?

Already have one? How was your experience?

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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