How to Easily View Blocked Videos Not Available in the Philippines (or Anywhere in the World)

Full Transcript:

Have you viewed videos from sites like CBS or AMC? You excitedly go over there to watch the latest trailer for The Walking Dead only to find out that your country is blocked! Bummer, right? Don’t worry though! I’m here to show you can  fix this.  I’m Irene Enriquez from, and here’s how to easily view blocked videos not available in your country.

First, go to the Google Chrome Extension store. Find the Hola Unblocker extension. By the way, if you use Firefox, this extension is also available. Once you find it, click on “Add to Chrome”.  This will install the extension in your browser. After the installation, a new tab will open and Hola will load. You’ll also see Hola’s logo on the top right of your browser.

Here, you’ll see the current sites that Hola can unblock. It’s not a very comprehensive list yet, but it’s got most of the popular sites. But if you want to add more sites to unblock, the Hola’s FAQ page gives you instructions on how to do it.

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Irene Chan

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