How I Use Siri to Make My Life Easier

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As a science fiction afficionado, it has always been my dream to have an AI assistant. Although Siri is no Jarvis, I still love her and I’m glad that I can talk to her whenever I want to.

Here are different ways that I use Siri:

1. Siri is my high tech calculator.

siri as calculator

In my work as a writing consultant, I always do calculations. For example, when I want to know how many essays I’ve edited for the entire week, I just ask Siri to add the total number of my output. I find that it’s easier to verbally say the number than manually typing each number in a calculator. Plus, it’s way cooler. 🙂

2. Siri is my official timer setter.

When I’m working out, I just say “Siri, set timer for 20 minutes.” And then off I go. I don’t have to manually open the Timer app.

I also use Siri to set an alarm for me.

3. Siri is my dictionary.

When there are words that I’m not familiar with, it’s easy to ask Siri. She’ll give a definition or search the term in Google.

4. Siri is my occasional comedian.

When I’m bored, I ask Siri to tell me a joke. She responds with different jokes each time I ask her. I guess Apple figured that Siri gets asked this question a lot. 🙂

Try asking Siri these questions:

  • Who let the dogs out?
  • What does the fox say?
5. Siri takes dictation.

Siri is also good at taking dictations. I sometimes have to take note of a series of numbers on my Evernote account. Instead of typing, I just say the numbers in one go and Siri will take note of the numbers for me.
With that said, Siri is not perfect. It needs a lot of work. 

But I’m glad that she is in my life. And who knows, maybe an AI as smart as Jarvis would be possible in the future? And Siri is a start–a window to the future of endless possibilities.

I really wish that Siri is going to be like this in the future:

What do you think of Siri? Do you use it or do you think it’s just a nuisance?

Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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