Why I stayed away from social media this year-end

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Ever since I started working from home, I usually take the remaining days of the year to do nothing but play some video games, read books, watch movies, eat junkfoods. In short, become the ultimate couch potato.

That’s what I exactly did the past five days.

But besides gobbling up junk foods and participating in a series of movie marathons, I also took the time to reflect at what I did this year.


Did I do better this year?


Am I happy?


Have I been kind to people?


Did I accomplish my goals?


And in order for me to better reflect and meditate, I knew I needed to stay away from social media. I needed to free myself to constantly check my Facebook account, spend hours in YouTube (damn those related videos!) , or staring at GIFs in BuzzFeed.


So, what is the result of my social media hiatus?


I’m happy to report that the result is not only fruitful but also profound.


Without social media, I lost myself in books again.

a screenshot of iBooks
This is a screenshot of The Return of Sherlock Holmes. I enjoyed reading it for free from iBooks.

Reading books reminded me how much I adore literature. I revisited Baker Street and got myself reacquainted with my favorite detective: Sherlock Holmes. It was such a thrill to read his adventures again.


Reading also led me in rekindling my somewhat dying affair with writing.


Although I’ve been regularly writing on my blog, I have missed writing just for the sake of it. Writing with no agenda. With no thought of consequence. Just the sheer pleasure of stringing words together.


Without the distraction of social media, I got the chance to read my writing exercises for this year.

Screenshot of evernote
Here’s a screenshot of my writing exercises. I wrote them on my Evernote account.

Unfortunately, I stopped these writing exercises in June. But it was certainly a delight to read what I wrote.  Not only I was able to judge my improvement as a writer, it also transported me to the different moments of my life this 2013.


I saw my life unfold as I read my frustrations, epiphanies, and hopes from each entry.


With my social media-free days, I was able to watch tons of movies.


I watched my old time favorites and discovered new ones.

dog on my lap
My dog’s butt. That’s my dog’s favorite position when I’m watching movies.lol

Although I had to dial down on my consumption of video games (because I realized that I finished more video games than books this year), I discovered another universe that I can get lost in. I discovered the brutal and mysterious world of Fables from Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us.

the wolf among us screenshot
Image Credit: Telltale Games

And oh, I almost forgot.


My hands have been busy making my own accessories. A friend has taught me how to make beaded jewelries. I totally got hooked as you can tell from the pictures of my creation!


handmade jewelries
I made all of these with my own hands. Well, except for the iPhone.hehe Some of the beads were taken from my old and broken bracelets.


I’m glad that I took a hiatus from social media.


It allowed me to reflect on who I am and the things that make myself happy.


It reminded me not to lose sight of my core. Of my real self.


With all the random information we see in our news feed, sometimes it’s easy to forget what we wanted all along.



Today, I finally checked my Facebook account. I was only gone for five days, but it seemed like a long time–with all the things I was able to accomplish.


I’m now more at ease to face 2014.


With the world as we know it, we can’t totally ignore social media.


But sometimes…it’s good to take a break.


It’s good to take the time to reflect.


Happy New Year to all!


May you have a happy and prosperous 2014!




Irene 🙂






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