Warning: Do this first before getting an LTE post paid plan

ID-10065178LTE connection in the Philippines grows stronger every year. However, there are still plenty of cities and provinces that don’t get LTE signal.

Before committing to a contract, it’s important that you get all the information that can help you in order to determine whether getting an LTE device with a post paid plan makes sense.

Here are three easy ways to check the LTE coverage in your area. You can do all of them, or just one. But I highly recommend doing all of them, so you can be thorough.


1. Check LTE coverage in your area.


The easiest way to check the LTE coverage in your area is to check SMART or GLOBE’s website.

Here’s a screenshot of Globe’s information about LTE coverage:

 A screenshot of Globe's website

Now, here’s a partial list of SMART’s LTE coverage: (The list is long, so make sure to visit the SMART website!) smart lte coverage list


They continue to expand their LTE coverage, so this list will continue to grow. Make sure to check back to see if the list of cities has been updated.

2. Ask friends who have LTE.

Before I got my SMART LTE post paid plan, I asked a lot of my friends who had LTE pocket Wi-Fis and smartphones to see if the connection can be trusted. The common consensus was that not only can it be trusted, but the speed is also impressive. On average, you would get 6 mbps. But in metropolitan locations such as Makati and Taguig, LTE has lightning speed. It can reach up to 30-40 mbps.

Do you have friends who have LTE smartphones? It would be even better if your friend lives in the same location. Here are some questions that you can ask them:

  • What is the average speed that you’re getting?
  • Do you get LTE connection all the time?
  • Which areas do you have the fastest speed?

3. Test LTE connection in your area.

Having a family member or a relative who has an LTE device is an advantage in this last option because you get to see the LTE connection in action.

What you can do is ask this family member to lend you their LTE device even for just one night.

While the device is with you, you can test both SMART and GLOBE LTE connections. You can buy a prepaid SIM just for this purpose. It’s a good investment. When you test the actual connection, you can make the best decision whether to go through with the post-paid plan or not.

If the connection is terrible, you can save yourself from a sour two-year relationship with your LTE smartphone and post paid plan.

If the connection is everything you’ve dreamed of, you can be more confident in your decision of getting an LTE post paid plan.

Personally, I am very happy that I got an unlimited LTE data plan. It’s so much faster and it’s so convenient not having to sign up for surfing promos every time I want to use the internet.


If you have tips, advice, or related experience not mentioned in this list, please do share your thoughts by commenting below.


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