Canon Pixma Printer MG7100 Review: Wireless printing at its best

a photo of canon pixma mg7170 printerI love wireless technology. If possible, I want every electronics in the house to be wirless.So having a wireless printer that is compatible with the gadgets I use is not only convenient–it’s also powerful.

With wireless printing, it’s so convenient to print photos and documents.
With its many features, I felt powerful. I feel like I can ran an entire business at home with just this one printer.

The Canon PIXMA MG7100 is not only capable to print wirelessly. It can also scan and copy documens. You can also access your cloud storage directly from the printer.

Here’s my unboxing video of the Canon Pixma MG7100:


At first glance, I was intimidated by the size of the printer. I was worried that I might not able to find a place for it. However, considering all its features, its size is  justifiable.

The printer actually looks like a bigger PS3–with its glossy black exterior. The overall printer appears elegant because of the touch buttons and the touch screen.
All the settings are mostly controlled within the touch screen, while the most basic functions such as “power” and “copy” light up only when touched.

Just one look and you can tell that this printer is top of the line.


I ran into a bit of a technical problem when we first installed the printer. But it was only because the unit that was lent to me for review might had been damaged due to transporting it many times. I’m guessing other people already reviewed it before me.

Anyway, Canon immediately sent me a new unit. After that, the installation was a breeze. The instructions are carefully illustrated in the manual and can easily be followed.

You can start printing in less than ten minutes.

Wireless Printing


What I love most about this printer is its capacity to print wirelessly. During the duration of my review, I never had to connect it directly to my computer. I printed everything wirelessly from my iPhone and MAC.

It’s easy to set up wireless printing. First, you have to set the access point within the printer. With its intuitive interface, it’s easy to find where things are . The interface pretty much similar to most smartphones. Familiar icons and its corresponding function are shown on the touch screen.

When printing from an iPhone, there’s no need to install anything. You simply need to select the photo and choose Print. If the printer and the iPhone is in the same Wi-Fi network, you’ll immediately see the printer once you choose “Select Printer”.

a screenshot of iphone when printing wirelessly using canon mg7100

The same works for other Apple devices: iPod Touch, iPad, and MAC.

For non-Apple devices, an app can be easily installed. You can use this app in order to print wirelessly from your Android phone.

I never had a wireless printer before, so it was so convenient to be able to print wirelessly without installing anything. The process of taking photos from my iPhone and printing it right away is seamless. It takes about one to two minutes to print each picture. So, the whole process of taking photos and printing only takes less than five minutes.

Quality of Photos

a photo of a dog using canon pixma mg7100
Here’s one of the photos I printed from my iPhone.

The quality of photos will depend mostly on the quality of the photo and the photo paper. For example, if you printed photos that were taken indoors, the photos tend to be grainy. So, it’s not the ideal photo to print.

However, if you take initially great photos printed in a glossy and quality photo paper, the final print is also impressive. Of course, you can always edit your photos before printing for optimal results.


I highly recommend the Canon Pixma MG7100 mostly because of its wireless printing. It’s the best printer that I have ever used. It provides multiple functions: it can print photos, scan, and copy documents. It’s easy to use with Apple devices. Plus, it has other extra features such as printing from your cloud storage.

Honestly, I think I was only able to utilize about 30% of its capacity. It can do a lot more! So, if you own a business and have different printing needs, the Canon PIXMA is definitely a great printer to have.

The Good
  • Wireless printing is super awesome!
  • Design is elegant and functional.
  • It has multiple functions: print, scan, and copy.
  • Produces quality photos.
The Bad
  • It will hog a lot of space on your table.
  • In case you ran into an error, website does not provide very detailed instructions on how to troubleshoot.
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  • Diane Allen

    I have bought a canon pixma mg7100 and my computer does not recognise it also the dvd that came with it will not play