MacBook Air Review (11″ 2012 model): Is it really worth it?

Leonardo da Vinci once said that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This was also Steve Jobs’s principle when creating and designing Apple products. The MacBook Air (MBA) is indeed an embodiment of this principle. It only packs the essential features making it simple and uncomplicated. With its aluminum unibody, the MBA looks solid and sophisticated. The simple Apple logo, which lights up when in use, even adds to its overall beauty.

With that said, I believe that the MacBook Air is the most beautiful ultrabook I could ever own. I have dreamed of owning it for so long. With our MacBook Pro’s demise, it was only right to replace it with a new laptop. Without a doubt, I knew that only a MacBook Air could take its place. The sad thing was its price! Spending more than P40k for a netbook surely required a lot of thinking and saving ahead of time.

But Christmas came a little early for me. My boyfriend granted my wish and surprised me with a MacBook Air a few weeks ago!  And as you can tell, I am in cloud 9!

I’ve been using the MBA for about a month now, and I’m really excited to share my experience and review with you. Maybe you’re looking to buy a new laptop, but you’re not sure what to get? With hundreds of options for laptops, netbooks, and ultrabooks, is MacBook Air really worth the price? Is it the one for you?

First, you need to determine what you will be using it for. You need to make sure that it fits your lifestyle. Are you going to use it for work, gaming, or just for browsing?

Let me share how I use the MBA:

  • Work – This simply involves an internet and a Word document.
  • Blogging  and Website Design– This includes editing photos and videos, using WordPress, and researching the web.
  • Surfing and Watching Videos – Need I say more? 🙂
  • Reading eBooks – I’m kind of a bookworm, so I’m always reading something.
  • HDMI player for the TV – MBA doesn’t have an HDMI output, but with the DVI connector, it allows me connect it to our HDTV. I can easily play movies and TV series from its flash memory.


  • Super lightweight
  • Gorgeous design
  • Intuitive OS
  • Social Media Integration
  • Easy to sync with other Apple devices
  • Full sized keyboard
  • Fast processor


  • Short battery life
  • Only has flash memory (64 gig and 128 gig)
  • Not the best speaker

So, on to a much more detailed MacBook Air review…:)


I placed the MacBook Air on a white painting canvass. As you can see, it’s even thinner than the canvass! 🙂

It’s named MacBook Air for a reason. Although it’s not light as a feather, it’s definitely a lot lighter than most netbooks and laptops. It only weighs a little over 1 kilo (1.08 kg. to be exact). It’s even lighter than some tablets and textbooks! Because of this, it’s super portable. You can easily fit it in your bag without eating too much space.

That’s one of the reasons why I love MBA. At least once as week, I like to work at a coffee shop. Because it is super portable, I can carry it around and don’t feel like I’m carrying a huge rock in my bag.

Despite its size, the MBA doesn’t compromise its keyboard. It has a full-sized keyboard like the MacBook Pro.


Not only it is lightweight, it’s also easy on the eyes. It’s simple and elegant. There is nothing like it in the market. Well, this is probably half true as there are many MBA clones out there. 😉 But, in terms of overall design, I believe that it still holds the top spot.

Operating System

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Not only it looks good from the outside, it’s also packed with power in its tiny, thin body. MBA 2012 already comes with the latest OS X Mountain Lion. This OS makes the interface feel like an iOS device.  You can get Facebook, Twitter, and eMail notifications. Apps like Notes and Reminders are already built in. You can also easily connect all of your Apple devices by using the iCloud. Saving your stuff in the “cloud” allows you to wirelessly access content like photos, notes, and reminders from any Apple device you’re using.

Having the ability to integrate my social media accounts with Mountain Lion is highly beneficial as I am a heavy Facebook user. It is my digital version of cocaine. 😉  At first I thought it would be quite distracting, but later I realized that it actually helps me focus on my current tasks. With the notification center, I don’t have to go to the actual Facebook or Twitter sites to post a status or a Tweet. This prevents me from lingering on my newsfeed.

One of the best features for me is the abillity to sync my notes, reminders, photos, and calendar from my iPod touch to the MacBook. This feature is useful for those who write a lot or if you’fe just obsessive compulsive! 🙂
The launchpad is where you can see all the apps and programs installed in your Mac. It kinda looks like the iPad.


Speed and Performance

The MacBook Air 2012 comes with 1.7 GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 (Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz) and 4 GB memory (can be configured up to 8 GB).  This means that you can do multiple tasks such as emailing, browsing, playing videos, and even editing photos without any technical hiccups. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, and I never encountered any frustrating experience in terms of speed.

Battery Life

Now, let’s discuss some of the disadvantages of owning a MacBook Air: battery life. Battery life is very important most especially if you’re going to use your MBA when travelling. Unfortunately, it drains very quickly. However, the battery life depends mainly on what you’re doing. For example, at home, our MBA is like the digital hub. We use it to play videos, connect with other devices, and use it for all kinds of work. So if it’s not plugged in, the battery could not last more than two hours.

However, if you’re only using it for browsing, listening to music, and processing word documents, it can last a little over three hours. I tested this out when I was in Starbucks.   Three hours isn’t bad considering it’s such a tiny device. Besides, there are plenty of coffee shops and establishments that provide electric outlets.

Price and Payment Options

The price can range from P 43000 – P48000 for the 11 inch Macbook Air with 64 gig flash drive. It can go higher if you want to upgrade to 8 GB RAM and 128 GB flash drive.

In Power Mac outlets, it costs roughly P48000. You have the option to pay for cash or card. When you pay with your credit card, they can only offer a six-month installment for zero percent. So that’s going to be P8000 per month!

The good thing is there is plenty of other authorized Apple resellers that offer lower prices. In Greenhills, for example, you can find stores that can go as low as P43000 if you pay cash. Depending on your credit card company, you can also get a 12-month installment for zero percent. Some stores you may want to check out are iStudio and Digitul Hub.

So, considering its specs, features, and price, is the MacBook Air really worth it?

As for me, I’m going to say hell yeah! 🙂 It’s not just because MBA is pretty. It’s mainly because I love its operating system. It is perfect for my work and personal use!

If you’re buying your first MacBook or looking for a new netbook, MBA is worth if:

  •  you want a durable and highly portable laptop.
  • you own a few Apple mobile devices.
  • you work while you travel.
  • you prefer Mac OS.

Things to keep in mind when buying MacBook Air 11″ 2012:

  • It doesn’t have an optical drive. (This is not really a disadvantage for me. I rarely use it.)
  • It doesn’t have hard drive, so memory is limited to 64-128 GB.
  • It already comes with Mountain Lion OS. (This is a good thing since you have the latest OS!)

If you’re still not sure, I’d say go with your gut! 🙂 But I can assure you, when you buy a MacBook, you will not regret it. From its internal components and even up to Apple’s customer service, you can be sure that you’ve got the best of everything.

So, what do you think? Are you going to buy a MacBook Air soon? Or have you already bought one? Do you have the same experience in battery life? Please do let me know! Just hit me up on FaceBook, Twitter, or you can comment here! 🙂















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