Why I Bought an Orabrush

I first saw Orabrush’s witty commercial in IGN.com. IGN usually plays a quick ad before showing the actual video. Normally, I would skip these ads, but this commercial just got me hooked. It’s a rather plain commercial. No fancy effects whatsoever. In addition, it’s not a product that you would normally be curious about. I mean, who would want to deliberately see a commercial about a tongue cleaner? Anyway, so you can actually see and believe, here is the first commercial:


See, what I mean? A very simple, honest commercial with lots of humor. The first time I heard this commercial, I was immediately sold! So today, I actually bought THE Orabrush. I just used it, and my tongue feels like it just had a refreshing shower. The bristles are soft as it claims, and it actually scrapes off all the nastiness from your tongue.

Still confused on how this tongue cleaner works? This is probably the most creative and funniest how-to video on using a product:



Another reason why I was eager to buy this tongue cleaner, even though I have a good one in the bathroom is because of Dr. Bob. Dr. Bob is the genius behind Orabrush. When he first marketed the Orabrush, nobody really paid attention. He offered it to retailers, but they thought he was crazy. Well, this video tells it better than any words combined:



If this really becomes a movie,  I would seriously watch it! So, to sum up, I bought Orabrush because:

  • The commercial is hilarious!
  • Dr. Bob’s story is inspiring.
  • Obviously,I want to have fresh breath.
So, how about you? Are you going to get an Orabrush? Or did you already get one? I bought mine at Watsons. I think it costs about P220+. It’s kind of expensive for a tongue cleaner. Hell, it’s four times more expensive than my toothbrush! But I was smitten by its main actor and Dr. Bob’s story that the price is simply irrelevant. =)
Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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Irene Chan