Why I Love Getting a Rebond at Home

I know putting strong chemicals on my hair is a big no-no, but I just couldn’t resist having straight hair (or at least non-frizzy hair). So that’s why at least once a year, I get a rebond/relax/any salon service that will make my hair straight. The problem is it’s expensive.

Now, that problem is solved. My sister has learned the process of rebonding. So now, all we have to pay for are the hair rebond products. Getting a rebond costs from P1000-P7000 depending on the products used and the salon.

Matrix is one of the most commonly used rebond products in salons. This is the product that my sister used for this rebond. The rebond set costs a little more than P600. So it’s a really good deal considering its size. She can use the whole package for two people.

Besides the price, there are also plenty of reasons why I love getting a rebond at home. The whole process takes a looooong time, and I easily get bored. At home, you have plenty of things to do to kill the time.


my hair before the rebond

This is how my hair looked like before the rebond. It looks dry and course.

my hair before rebond

My sister just finished the first step of the rebond process. What came next was a two-hour hair ironing.

laptop playing nikita

So while my sister was ironing my hair, we watched the first few episodes of Nikita. You can't do this in a salon! :)

woman holding a hair iron



Voila! My hair right after my sister finished the rebond process. My hair looks a lot less frizzy and straight. There are a few stray hair strands, but a drop of hair shine will take care of it.

I love going to salons when getting a haircut or getting my nails done. Getting a rebond at home was definitely more relaxing and convenient. I won’t think twice of doing it again. :)

How about you ladies? Have you tried getting a home service for your hair? Or do you prefer going to the salon?

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