7 Social Media Sites to Help You Develop the Skills You Need for Online Jobs

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I started working online as a Website Content Checker at 2012. Back then I only had English as a skill and my basic computer knowledge. Now, I work as Social Media Analyst, part time transcriber and writer as well. When I’m asked, “How did you start? How did you do it?” I would always recommend that they check the groups I follow on Facebook and the pages I liked about freelancing and online jobs. Then they would ask, “Then what after that?” I would answer with some tips.



Facebook is my social media mentor. Aside from the jobs being posted in groups and pages, there are mostly groups and pages that give tips and even solely dedicated to online job skills learning like Online Jobs Support Network group and Girly Geek Ph page. You can ask questions and then more experienced members can assist you and even give online sources. They are constantly posting online materials or answers to questions posted on page or groups.

Another one is ads, Facebook will suggest pages or groups that are related to the ones you already joined and liked so watch out for these.


Okay, YouTube is not just an app for viewing video lessons. If you look at the comments section, there are some comments from other viewers that give related videos or websites that gives additional or better educational materials related to the topic of the video.


Gives the visual tools. What I love about Pinterest are the infographics that you can download and print or that you can make a board of all the infographics. Sometimes there are pics with links to a site that is a good source of educational materials related to the topic you searched for. Also, you can follow boards other users have compiled. And the best part, make your online vision boards to motivate and track your learning path as well.


Okay, I don’t have a twitter account yet. But I should I get one. Although I didn’t use Twitter at the start of my online career, I am definitely going to use this as a leverage for learning now. Why? Because if you follow the right people, it’s easier to be updated on their activities and the things they share that can help you learn from them. Most likely if your online mentor or “aspired-person-to-be-like” is on Twitter, they are going to use it to update followers of online educational materials from them, aside from their personal rants of course.


Another one I’m learning and using just as of now. Before I thought Linked In is only for professionals. But NO… Even if you’re not a professional yet, you can use it to become one! How?

Be more than interested in the interest section
  • Follow Companies this would give you an idea on what skills they’re looking for in an applicant thus giving you an idea on what to work at. And some companies even post blogs and online materials to help job finders.
  • Groups. Just like in Facebook, people with alike interests can group together to help each other. The difference? More of the members are professionals, since not a lot of the “non-professionals” like to join Linked In because of the same thought I had before that if you’re not a professional, or haven’t achieved much yet, why join it not be more into it (if they already have an account)?
  • Pulse is for an update of the news you need to know. Check this always for easier access of info.
  • Use your Connections. Mail them. As the Bible said, “Ask and you shall receive.” So, ask. If they don’t answer, move on and get connected to other people in the same field with more or less the same experience and ask until you find an answer. 🙂

Reddit and Quora

Now these two are really meant for asking. Need I say more? But be careful you might have an information overload. So better take down notes or save the answers digitally when you find one.

Most social media sites are a distraction, but if used wisely they can be used as a career growth leverage as well.

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Amor Urate

Amor Urate

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Amor Urate