How Safe is Your Social Media Account from Creepy Strangers?

ID-10043246Facebook is a criminal’s hunting ground.

When surveyed, burglars who were arrested admit that they use Facebook to check which houses to hit.

This begs the question: are our social media accounts ever safe from criminals and creepy strangers?

Recetly, a comedian did this experiment where he talked to strangers and pretended to know them by using the information he found on their Twitter and Instagram accounts.


The video proves one scary thing: anyone can check your social media account and use that information for their own gain.


That’s why social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram should be used with caution. Always be on the lookout as to what types of information you are sharing and who could see it.

 In order to know whether your social media account is pervert-proof, here are some questions that you could ask yourself:

 Are you sharing specific details about your social plans?

Going out tonight. Poor Coco is going to be alone.

You just gave the idea that you will be out for a considerable amount of time and that your dog is alone on guard duty.

 Are you “checking in” in your own house? 

When you check in, the address is displayed on your timeline—not just during the time you checked in. Facebook even shows a summary of the places where you usually check in.

With this information, not only the burglars know that you’re not home, they also have a pretty good idea where your home is.

Other questions to ask:

  •  Are you sharing details about your vacation?
  • Are you sharing inappropriate photos (photos where you look like your topless)?
  •  Are you sharing photos of your kids and do not customize the privacy?
  • Does your profile include your phone number?
  • Do you share information about your financial activities (where you do your online banking, for example)?

If you say yes, to all these questions then you are giving a window of opportunity for people to use this information against you. They can steal your identity, hack your online back account, or even rob you in your own house. Some can even use your innocent photos for a shady website.

This might sound very unlikely. But this happens to a lot of people everyday.


 How can you keep your account safe?


 Do not share or post personal information on your wall or your profile.

Only add your phone number when it’s absolutely necessary and make sure that the information remains private.

 Also, don’t show the year of your birthday. Some websites ask your birthdate for security questions, so it’s best that people don’t know the year. Plus, people will have to keep on guessing how old you are.

Always edit the privacy of your photos and your posts.
Be more careful in accepting friend requests.

A good rule is this: if you don’t have mutual friends, it’s probably best not to accept the request.

Maybe skip posting party pics where you appear drunk or a mess. It might send the wrong message to those creepy strangers. Also, some employers look at social media account when hiring people.

Do not post about your drama or other people’s drama.

When you post things like you got fired or someone you know is having an affair, you are giving people you barely know ammunition to take advantage of your vulnerability.

 Never share your daily routine.

With all these things to watch out for, you might say that social media is no longer fun.

You don’t have to think like a secret agent and be paranoid.

It just means that you have to be more careful and be more aware of the things you share on social media. Once you have formed the habit of checking your posts, it will come naturally. You can easily filter out things that you should not share.

 Now, here’s your homework: go check your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

What types of information do you share?





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