Pop Talk features affordable Android tablets on June 21st (And I’m going to be in it!)

When I started my YouTube channel, some of my friends joked that I might one day appear on TV. And I’m not going to lie; I really hoped that their jokes would come true. I mean, who doesn’t want to appear on TV?

So, I’m really grateful I got the chance to be appear on TV doing what I love: checking out new gadgets, meeting new people, and eating! 🙂

Thanks to my good friends at Philippine Bloggers Network (PBNet), I got the chance to join Pop Talk’s episode on affordable tablets. Pop Talk is a popular news-magazine show hosted by Kuya Tonipet Gaba. The show invites reviewers from all walks of life: celebrities, students, entrepreneurs, and bloggers (like me!) to review everything—from movies to gadgets.

The episode on June 21st is going to be on affordable Android tablets.

Nowadays, tablet is such a handy gadget for all sorts of tasks such as reading, editing documents, and connecting with friends. It’s a great tool for students and professionals.

Please do watch the episode June 21st, Saturday at 8 pm on GMA News TV. 

I had so much fun shooting it. Here are some of the photos I took:



My family was there to support me and they took these photos:

I am so grateful for the chance to try affordable Android tablets from local brands. Not only that, I’ve met new friends, bonded with my family, ate great food, and had tons of fun. Thank you, POP Talk for having me! It was such a great experience!


Please follow Pop Talk and Kuya Tonipet on Twitter to get the latest updates from the show:



Also, follow Ruru Madrid, the episode’s celebrity reviewer and Cheska dela Cruz, the smart and beautiful student reviewer (who I’m pretty sure is going to be a celebrity soon).
Have a great weekend, you guys! 🙂 Keep on dreaming! 🙂





Irene Chan

Irene Chan

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