Creative Philippines Launches Airwave Speakers, Hitz, and Evo Series Headsets


Creative Philippines launched various series of headsets and speakers yesterday, August 15 at Q Bistro in Pasig City. Creative targets young professionals, active and passive social media users, casual and hardcore gamers, and even audiophiles with their latest line of speakers and headsets.

Same brand, New Design

Creative is mostly known for its innovation in the sound industry and is also considered as “a worldwide leader in digital entertainment products.” Now, the company has redesigned their products and packaging to reflect the evolution of their brand and its technology. It has migrated from making headphones for playback to headsets with mics for both playback and voice calls. In addition, Creative also makes their triangular shape logo or icon more prominent in their products.


Speakers: Creative Airwave and Airwave HD


Two wireless speakers called the Airwave HD and Airwave were showcased at the launched yesterday. Both speakers are Bluetooth and NFC enabled. Your device or music player can easily pair with the Airwave speaker simply by tapping it. Connecting through Bluetooth is also easy as 1-2-3. Music can also be played through a wired connection “via the integrated analog Aux-in connector.”

creative airwave hd
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What’s unique about these speakers is the way they’re built.  Unlike most speakers with a flat design, the Airwave speakers are tilted 30-degress forward. The pyramid-like structure is not simply for aesthetic reasons. This allows the sound to be “thrown” upwards to allow the sound to “circulate” better.

Both speakers are almost similar in specs. But the Airwave speakers come in four different colors: blue, green, grayish black, and pink. Plus, it’s slightly bigger compared to the Airwave HD. Airwave HD, on the other hand, comes in black and red. Prices were not released yet for the Philippine market. But on the U.S. Creative website, the AirWave HD is retailed at $149 while the Airwave is $99.

Headsets for Casual Users: the Hitz Series

 the Creative Hitz Series

Another line of headsets that was released is called the Hitz series, which comes with over-ear and in-ear designs. The series also comes in different designs and lively colors. These are wired headsets that come have built-in microphones and one-touch button. The button allows you to control your music.

“I personally have tried all of these headsets, and I must say that they are very comfortable to the ears. Plus, I love the design of the white MA2400. It’s perfect for listening to music and making calls on the go.”


Here’s the price list:

 Hitz MA350-P1699




 Hitz MA2300 – P1699

creative headphone


 Hitz MA2400 P2199


Hitz MA 2600 – P2899



The Hit Series has already been released last August 13 and is already available in the Philippines.

Advanced Headsets for the Hardcore Gamers and Audiophiles

Lastly, Creative proudly showcased their headsets that are geared towards hardcore gamers and audiophiles who play PC and console games. Both of these headsets are packed with a lot of good things!

Sound Blaster Evo Zx (Bluetooth) –P10995


The Sound Blaster Evo ZX has a built-in processor chip that enhances audio before playing it back. This means that movies, music, and games sound better. This headset comes with an app, which allows you to have more control on the audio settings. For example, when you’re watching a movie, you can set the headset to enhance the audio of the dialog between characters. This way you won’t miss any details.

 Sound Blaster App

It’s also great for making voice calls because it comes with the Voice Focus Microphone. What this does is cancel out the background noise. The mic will only focus on your voice. So, the person you’re talking to can hear you with amazing clarity.


“The Sound Blaster Evo ZX is by far the best sounding headset that ever graced my ears. I’m no audiophile, but I can tell the difference between good and best sound quality. It’s compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device. I actually wish I could take it home! It’s perfect for gaming. Umm..yeah! I’m thinking of the PS3!”


Sound Blaster Evo (USB) – P6995

 sound blaster evo

The Sound Blaster Evo, on the other hand, comes with a wire. While not as advanced as the Evo ZX, you’ll also enjoy amazing sound quality with its “40mm FullSpectrum™ audio driver.” This is compatible with PC and MAC.

Both of these Evo headsets will be released in September.

With this array of speakers and headsets, Creative surely has targeted different types of people with different types of audio needs.

Which one is your favorite?





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Irene Chan

  • Hi Irene! I’m just wondering kung anong mas ok na speaker sa dalawa, ung Creative D series or ung Creative Airwave HD? My husband and I are planning to buy a bluetooth speaker, then nakita namin ung Creative D series sa ( tapos muka namang maganda ung design. Thank you so much!

    • Hi Ashley, it’s been awhile since I’ve tried the Creative speakers mentioned in this post. If both speakers have almost the same sound quality and design is important to you, I’d say go for the one with the good design. That is if the price difference isn’t huge. My two cents.