Globe Tattoo Announces Postpaid and Prepaid LTE Pocket Wi-Fi, LTE SIM Card

IMG_1219Globe Tattoo officially announced their new LTE Pocket Wi-Fi yesterday at The Fort Strip in Bonifacio Global City. The pocket Wi-Fi comes with a post-paid plan and prepaid option. In addition, subscribers who don’t want to buy the LTE pocket Wi-Fi device can opt to buy the prepaid LTE SIM card.

Post Paid versus Prepaid

Right now, there are two options for LTE: an LTE USB dongle and an LTE Pocket Wi-Fi.

The post paid Globe Tattoo LTE Pocket Wi-Fi costs P3995. The prepaid LTE pocket Wi-Fi, on the other hand, costs P4995. Globe boasts this price as it is competitive compared to Smart’s LTE pocket Wi-Fi, which costs P6995.

Here’s what you’ll get with the LTE Plan 1299:


If you want, to upgrade to the LTE mobile wi-fi, you simply need to add a one-time fee of P2000.

For post-paid plans, you can actually customize your own plan depending on your needs. You can check out the different options here:

Some of the consumable packages available are:

• Plan 299 from 30 hours to 50 hours
• Plan 499 from 50 hours to 85 hours

Both the LTE USB Dongle and the Pocket Wi-Fi allow subscribers to get a speed of up to 42 mbps. The Pocket Wi-Fi allows you to share up to 10 Wi-Fi devices like your smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Not only that, the pocket Wi-Fi device is considered as a “dual device” as it also serves as a power bank (3000 mAh). This is convenient when you need to charge your phone while you’re on the go.

Is there a cap?

One thing worth noting about the LTE Plan 1299 is its 5 GB bandwith cap per month. However, Globe Tattoo gives subscribers an option to upgrade if you feel that 5 GB is not enough.

Untitled 2

Is an LTE Prepaid SIM Card available?

If you already have an LTE device, a prepaid LTE SIM card is available as well, which costs P290.

Globe is working on widening their LTE coverage in the country. Right now, LTE coverage is available in select areas of:

Quezon City




 Jan 2014 Update: I’m currently using a SMART LTE postpaid plan. Want to know how it’s working for me?


Irene Chan

Irene Chan

Irene Chan loves two things: communication and technology. With this tech blog and her role as Head of Communications at Veems, she believes she has the best job in the world. 🙂 Besides those two things, she's also crazy for coffee, dogs, and zombies.Follow her on Veems to get tips and fun updates from her geeky life.
Irene Chan

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  • Bob

    Saang specific branch ng Globe nagooffer ng prepaid lte sim?

    • Irene Enriquez

      It should be available at any branch, but it would depend din on the availability of stock.

    • Mariel

      Nagtanong na kami sa sm north, megamall, trinoma, shang wala daw sila available. some says naman wala daw silang ganon. pero yung iba last delivery pa daw nila was december. so hirap talaga makahanap. 🙁

      • Irene Enriquez

        Hi Mariel. Sorry to hear about that. I think that’s been a problem recently–even for other networks. If I come across a store that has one, I’ll let you know. I’ll ask my contacts in Globe as well if they can give me info about the availability. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

    • anthony

      we have globe tattoo stick at home if I will buy a tattoo LTE sim would it work if we insert it in the globe tattoo stick.

      • Irene Enriquez

        Anthony, it depends on what tattoo stick you have. If it’s the 3G one, it wouldn’t work. 🙁 Kasi LTE sim would only work with LTE enabled devices.

  • Gerald

    Hi, will I be able to convert mu regular prepaid sim card to a LTE Tattoo prepaid sim card and retain my cellphone number? Great article btw. 🙂

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Gerald! You have to buy an LTE prepaid SIM, which means you have to get a new number. I believe you can only retain your number if you have a post paid plan. Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by!

  • Mariel

    Hi! Can i use a prepaid globe tattoo lte sim to my note 3 phone so i can experience lte connection? Thanks 🙂

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Mariel! Yes, since Note 3 is LTE enabled, you can definitely try a prepaid LTE sim before planning to commit on a monthly plan.

      • Dianne

        Hi I’m Dianne, how about if my tab model is Samsung galaxy tab P3100, is their a possible if I use globe LTE prepaid simcard? Would it work well?

        I also have a 4G globe prepaid tattoo pocket wifi will it work well if I insert a globe LTE PREPAID sim? I appreciate your response since the simcard cost 290something…i don’t wanna waste money as well.. Thank you..

        • Irene Enriquez

          Hi Dianne! If you’re Galaxy Tab 2 is LTE enabled, the LTE prepaid SIM should work fine. I’m not very familiar with Globe’s 4G globe prepaid pocket wifi. Technically, LTE is also the same as 4G. Hope this helps! Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

      • Mariel

        So can I use globe tattoo sim card for call and text, and for lte? My boyfriend got the 295 pesos globe tattoo prepaid, while now, 40 pesos globe tattoo are available at the maket and no 295. is it the same?

        anyway thanks and nice blog 🙂

  • brian

    Can i use the globe lte prepaid sim as my regular sim card for my note 3?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Brian! What do you exactly mean as a regular SIM? The LTE prepaid sim should allow you to text and call like non-LTE SIMs.

  • brian

    I mean like a regular sim na you can use it for text messaging and calls? Hmm.. im going to use it as my primary sim if ever im going to get 1

    • Irene Enriquez

      Yup, you can use it as a regular SIM. I’m using a SMART LTE sim right now as my primary number. 🙂

  • Joy

    I have a question, I have a postpaid nano sim for iphone, I also have a tattoo mobile wifi. I want to use my nano sim to my mobile wifi. Ill just find a way to make it fit. My question is will my postpaid sim work on the mobile wife?. I tried but it wont. is there a way?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Joy! What do you exactly mean by mobile wifi? Is it the pocket wifi? Is your postpaid nano sim an LTE sim? If I understand correctly, the SIM card in most pocket wifi is a broadband SIM. So, it’s not available for text and call–just data connection. I suggest bringing your pocket wifi and sim card to Globe, so they can help you out. 🙂

      • Hi, I would like to know on where branch can I buy prepaid LTE sim. They always saying that they have no stock or they have no sim yet. I’ve been on different branches but no luck finding it. Please advise. Thanks:)

        • Irene Enriquez

          Hi Sette. I think you have the same problem with Mariel. I’ll try to search more information on when Globe will refresh its LTE sim card stock. 🙂

  • Joshua

    Can i use my globe tattoo postpaid sim on my note 2?

  • Hi good day, im planning to buy a pocket wifi. Can I use a regular sim card from Globe na for text and calls to insert it to my pocket wifi. Mag wo’work po ba?

    – Thank You.

    • Irene Enriquez

      I believe the sim for the pocket wifi is called a Broadband SIM. So the regular SIM which has call and text won’t work. But I’d double check with Globe to make sure. 🙂

  • christopher cayco

    Bakit ganun, nung nag inquire kame sa globe sa sm north branch ang sabe wala raw LTE coverage sa Quezon city. Then, i found out here in this site na kasama naman pala ang quezon city.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Christopher, I’m not sure why they told you walang LTE sa Quezon City. If I remember correctly, it’s one of the first cities to have GLobe LTE. It’s one of the major metropolitan areas and it should have LTE. Here’s an article from Globe for reference. 🙂

  • lui

    hi great site , any luck yet on globe’s prepaid lte sim?

  • Chris

    Pwde po b yun globe tattoo lte prepaid sim sa iphone 5, is there a nano sim? And can i still avail the superunli25 and unlisurf just like a regular prepaid sim card?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi, Chris! As long as your iPhone is not locked with other networks, it should work. You can have your SIM trimmed to fit a nano-size phone. I’m not updated with the latest Globe surf promos. But I recommend checking their site. Thanks for dropping by!

  • dennis

    Hi! If Im gonna avail pospaid LTE sim, as you mention there is a bandwith of 5g per month. If there’s an instances I have reach the 5g in a month what will happened. Does my internet connection will be cut?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Dennis, if I understand correctly, it will not be cut. Usually, if you have a postpaid plan, you will be billed for the extra data that you will consume for that month. Or another thing that they might do is that you’ll no longer get LTE connection (you’ll get H+ or 3G connection instead). I suggest checking with Globe regarding this before getting a postpaid plan. 🙂

  • Regie

    hi guys, question po. I have a plan sa iphone plan sa globe 1799 with unlimited data plan. I dont like to use my phone for internet connection kasi sobra bilis maka drain ng battery. so what i do is to remove the nano sim and put it sa mobile wifi for internet connection. And panget lng is hindi ako matawagan kasi nga nsa mobile wifi ung sim ko, i can only receive text msg. Any bright idea pra matawagan paden ako while using the globe sim in mobile wifi? I tried to activate the “call forward when unreachable” but its not 100% na maforward yung call to my sun number.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Regie, I also have an unlimited data plan (but with SMART). I use my iPhone for internet connection all the time. What I do is bring a powerbank, so I always have juice when the battery runs out. Also, when I bring my MAC along with me, I connect using personal hotspot through USB, so my iPhone keeps charging while I’m using it. As of now, I’m not sure how you can forward your calls or answer calls if it’s on the pocket wifi. Does the “call forward when unreachable” work sometimes?

      • Vien

        Hello, Im from mindanao, I just want to ask. does its coverage reach up to here now? would it still be 290 pesos?

        • Irene Enriquez

          Hi Vien! I’m not entirely sure with the coverage in Mindanao. But I believe that Metro Davao already has LTE coverage. Where are you located in Mindanao?

          • Vien

            In zamboanga city

  • banana

    Hi. 4G = HSPA+ (really 3.5G but carriers are calling it 4G because of the faster speeds compared to HSDPA)
    LTE = LTE (genuine 4G) these two are different things. However, our carriers are misleading us. So when you have a 4g phone or internet that’s not necessarily LTE. I have a 4g stick from globe and it doesn’t give me an LTE signal even if globe says my area is covered by LTE which they say is the same as 4g.

  • Willman

    Pwede po ba pang-gaming (DotA2) ang LTE Pocket wi-fi, at tsaka magkano po ang dapat iload kung prepaid.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Theoretically, you can use it to play online games. Pero I’d still recommend a DSL connection when playing online games. Mobile data can fluctuate in terms of speed, and you don’t want to be interrupted when playing. Since you are using a prepaid pocket wifi, try mo muna and see what happens. 🙂

  • ivy pizon

    hi, I have a pocket Wi-Fi device but I don’t have sim card can I just buy am ordinary globe sim card or I need to go to the shop of globe to get one?

    • Irene Enriquez

      I think pocket wifi uses Globe Tattoo SIM or a Globe Broadband SIM. It’s best to go to Globe or those kiosk at the mall where they sell all sorts of Globe and other telco cards.

  • francis abubo

    Hi.. I have a globe super stick (4G tattoo super stick huawei E586e)
    I bought it from my friend, he got that as post paid plan..

    Now, he sell it to me which is only the superstick itself and no simcard, i dont know, as i said he get that as a post paid know.. Its only for him coz he pay the monthly bill of that sim..

    Anyway, i have ordinary prepaid sim card.. Load it with supersurf50 which is 1 day.. The problem is when i insert my prepaid sim and open it, no internet connection appear. There was a icon of a phone like searching for a signal and turned into “X”

    I hope you help me with this.. It must be the supersrtick itself was unlocked and cannot be used by other prepaid sim? Wat do u think? TIA

    • Irene Enriquez

      I think the super stick works like a phone. So, even without the post paid SIM, it should still work once you insert another SIM. Keep in mind though that the SIM used in some super sticks is a broadband sim not the regular SIM (the one used for call and text). I suggest going to Globe, so you can get the right kind of SIM for the super stick. Also, I’m just saying this based on my experience in getting a post paid plan for iPhone. The rules might be different for super sticks. Let me know what happens! Thanks for dropping by, Francis!

  • Shawn

    Hello Irene,
    May I please ask you a question on 4G?
    I use PLDT dsl at home. I need a back up as my dsl goes down once our twice a month.
    Globe’s signal is stronger in my area than Smart’s. LET is NOT available in my area, but 4G is. My phone is an LG G PRO k240s. It’s LTE capable. When I use data all I get it’s the 3g notification. I never get +H. If the pocket Wi-Fi can receive 4G, shouldn’t my G PRO be able to get 4G too?
    Globe doesn’t seem to know the answer..
    Thank you,

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Shawn, which SIM cards are you using on your LG G Pro and your pocket Wi-Fi? Do you get H+ or LTE in other areas?

  • jeric

    Lag po ba pag naglalaro ng online games katulad ng heroes of order and chaos???

    • Irene Enriquez

      I used to play MMORPG (Elgard) on my 3G tablet. Okay naman yung speed. But it depends on the location. 🙂

  • Nelson

    Hi. Tanong ko lng po pano kung meron kang Smart locked LTE device. Pwde b siya gamitin sa Globe LTE pocket wifi? O kailangan same na Smart lte device to smart lte pocket wifi lng? Or magagamit nmn yung smart locked lte device sa globe pocket wifi pero 3g connection png ang makukuha?

    • Irene Enriquez

      SMART locked LTE SIM? I’m not sure exactly what you want to do. How would you use an LTE device to a pocket wifi? If the LTE device (like my iPhone) is SMART locked, you can’t use any other SIM from other networks.

  • Hi,
    Where can I buy Globe Prepaid LTE Nano Sim?
    Thank you

  • This pocket Wi-Fi is great, I can also bring this during my mountain climbing. I love surfing and the speed is really stable when I was at the mountain. Thanks

    • Irene Enriquez

      That’s great! Which area did you bring your pocket wifi? I recently went to Calatagan and mobile data wasn’t stable.

  • Nelson

    I mean for example you have your smartlocked iphone which have LTE right? And I have a Globe LTE wifi. Can you connect your iphone with the globe lte wifi? and still get an LTE connection?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Oooh. If you’re going to use your pocket wifi as the source of internet connection, that wouldn’t be a problem. Because your phone will simply recognize it as a Wifi connection. You will only get LTE connection if you use your SMART iPhone’s mobile data connection. I hope I understood your question correctly.

  • john

    hi good day madam irene……
    just to ask i have a postpaid plan having unlidata, im planing to buy a LTE prepaid stick and put my postpaid sim on it… is this legal? and does my sim will work with this lte stick
    do they put aditional charges thanks and more power…..

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi John, I believe the SIM that are used in LTE sticks are broadband SIMs, which means that it is only used for mobile data and you can’t use it for calling and texting. So, I’m not sure if your post paid plan SIM will work. But let me double check it for you and get back to you. Thanks for dropping by!

  • Nelson

    Ahh i see. I get it. Thanks 🙂

  • You may use your regular postpaid plan on a WiFi superstick. however, you also have to check on your contract with your ISP regarding your data allocation. Putting your sim in a pocket WiFi may eat up your data even if no device is connected. Might as well just use it on your phone. Anyways, most phone have tethering functions already.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Ian, thanks for dropping by! 🙂 That really helps! I agree most phones have tethering functions na. I actually use my iPhone’s personal hotspot all the time.

  • Jen Pamintuan

    May LTE po ba dito sa angeles city pampanga? Pwede po ba kung note 2 yung fone ko sa LTE? Thanks!! God Bless po…:)

  • Jen Pamintuan

    Good morning!!
    Ask ko lng po sana kung anong magandang offer sa akin kc may 1 laptop,2 ipad 2,samung tablet then bali 3 fone(samsung note, samsung beam and s4mini) aavailable po ba sa angeles city pampanga yung LTE coverage? Since now po kc may smartbro kmi anytime pwede ko syng pa cut kc wala na po akong contract kc nahihirapan na po kc ako sa upto 2mbps na speed..sobrang bagal na po tlga. .thanks anyway!! God bless po..:)

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Jen, can you tell me what is the offer?

  • Jen Pamintuan

    Smart LTE po then 24 months contract every month is P1299..

  • Jen Pamintuan

    Upto 5mbps lng po yung sa smart..parang mas gusto po yung sa globe na upto 42mbps since marami po kming gadgets dito sa bahay…may LTE coverage na po ba dito sa angeles city pampanga?? Tnx in advance po..God Bless..

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  • bal pineda

    Ask lang po kung anong mga model ng pocket wifi ang lte. Ang mga huawei e5151, e5220, e5330 at e5332 ay lte po ba at pwede sa lte sim na postpaid.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi, Bal! The first one you mentioned only supports 3G/2G network. From Engadget: “The E5151 can access the Internet through a 3G/2G network, or using its Ethernet port.” Usually, the LTE SIMs used in pocket wifis are Broadband SIMs. But you can still use the LTE postpaid SIM on your phone but when you insert it on the pocket wifi you won’t be able to take advantage of the call and text that comes with the plan. I suggest checking with your telco first before buying a pocket wifi.

  • Laira

    I bought the LTE pocket wifi and it works well with my phone but whenever I try to load the internet using my macbook, the internet won’t load but it is connected. What should I do? Thank you

    • Irene Enriquez

      Try doing a speed test first on your phone. The internet speed might not be enough to share between two devices.

      • Neptune

        Hi irene ask ko lng anung maganda na pocket wifi prepaid na pang gaming sa globe? my LTE na rin ba sa cavite city area ?

        • Irene Enriquez

          Hi Neptune, it depends on where you are in Cavite. 🙂

  • mack

    hi ms, irene.. ask lang.. baka alam mo tong concern ko.. kasi nag avail kami ng post paid sim LTE sa globe.. with LTE Pocket Wifi.. it cost us 1299 per month.. allowed lang siya ng 5G per month.. then now concern ko lang is how can i know if gumagana na yung LTE signal? kasi i’ve been to makati, qc, manila, taguig.. lahat puro 3G and 4G signals lang nag aappear sa pocket wifi.. i’ve tried calling globe customer service and report to them about this matter sabi nila LTE capable naman daw yung number ng postpaid sim na naka lagay sa pocket wifi.. pero bakit walang LTE signal na nag aappear sa pocket wifi???… does the 4G signal na nag aappear sa pocket wifi same ng LTE? thanks ms, irene..

    • Irene Enriquez

      If you’re getting 4G signal that’s actually better. Actually, there is a whole argument that LTE is not true 4G. But depending on your location, signal will fluctuate from 3G to 4G. Sometimes it can even be G or E. Try doing a speed test. If you’re getting an average of 6 mbps that should be good.

  • nerson

    .my phone is lg g2 pede bang gamitin yung lte sim na globe tatoo as regular sim for call and text..magagamit di. ba sya sa promos like unli text and unli call.?

    • Irene Enriquez

      If the SIM is for a pocket wifi, you might not be able to use it with regular call and text. Please check with Globe to see if you can use it on your phone.

  • sugar

    how can i covert my prepaid globe tattoo pocket wifi to postpaid?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Not sure, Sugar. Try contacting Globe. They do have chat support.

  • pancho argente

    pwede ko bang palitan ang prepaid 4G pocket wifi ko ng lte prepaid sim.

    • Irene Enriquez

      I suggest asking the telco if it’s possible.

  • Malakas ba ang signal ng lte pocket wifi s Cavite city?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Which area in Cavite, Laurice? In Bacoor Cavite, di siya ganun kalakas. At least in the area where I went.

  • jinaj jai drummond

    Hello maam tanong ko lhung poh mgkano po vah pwede e load sa globe tattoo mobile wifi for only in 1day??

  • raffy

    what promo unlimited internet in lte prepaid na pwede eh regester po

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi raffy, i’m not sure. I have post paid plan with SMART, so I’m not very familiar with the promo anymore. I suggest checking Smart’s website for updated promos. 🙂

  • sayang to, hindi ko magamit sa internet cafe dahil sa capping 4g pa nman dito ang globe. waiting for smart na maging 4g sa amin kasi walang CAPPING.. di gaya ng globe. DEFY EXPECTATION talaga LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS but LIVE with CAPPING ka.

  • Sairyl

    Hi. Bumili po ako ng Tattoo LTE prepaid sim tapos nagregister ako sa unlisurf at ininsert ko sa pocket wifi ko na E5220 pero bakit hindi po ako makaconnect sa internet? Pero pag sa phone ko naman ininsert, nakakagamit naman po ako ng internet. Thank you po.

  • jae

    hi san po kaya pwede ako makabili ng prepaid na LTE ng globe wla kasi ako mahanapan ehhh or pwede ko ba gamitin yung Globe tattoo na LTE sim

  • Lorraine

    HI. Tanong lang po. I’m planning to buy Globe pocket wifi. the 4g one is 1495 while the lte is almost 5000. is it possible to use LTE sim for the 4g pocket wifi ? then pareho din po kaya ung speed nila? thanks

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Lorraine, I think it’s best to go with the 4G pocket wifi as it it is cheaper. Plus hanggang 12 mbps naman yung speed. On average siguro makakakuha ka ng 3 to 6 mbps. I don’t think the LTE sim will work with the 4g pocket wifi since ginawa siyang separate package ng Globe. Pero I recommend going to Globe service center so you’ll know for sure.

  • alvin

    hi po pano po e activate ang tattoo LTE prepaid sim?

    • Irene Enriquez

      Hi Alvin, usually activated na siya. You just need to turn on LTE on your phone. But please double check with Smart. 🙂

  • alvin

    mobile wifi po gamit q

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  • shioktong

    I just had a pocket wifi from globe postpaid plan. saying the speed up to 2mbps. Well, in my experienced this is all lies all I can get is only .15 Mbps it is the worst service provider ever. DO NOT waste your money on this.

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