What is JustGoCloud and how it can help you with your business?

Goautodial vice president
Rafael  Pekson II, Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of GoAutoDial Inc., explains what JustGoCloud can offer in ZARZUELA, Shangri-La Plaza East Mall. 

With the advent of technological enhancements in communication, it is now easier for businesses—big and small—to establish a call center solution. JustGoCloud exactly does that: it helps businesses and even other organizations to set up an easy to use, efficient, and cost effective cloud call center solution wherever your business is. It can provide predictive dialer, inbound ACD, and IVR.


The JustGoCloud is designed to suit the needs of both large organizations and small business owners by providing an intuitive graphical user interface. With this interface, the deployment becomes fast and convenient.

The best part of using the JustGoCloud is that it is built as a pay-as-you-go set up. Most businesses are charged a monthly fee in order to get their marketing campaigns.

With JustGoCloud, you are billed only on what you use. In addition, you are only charged for answered calls. Basically, the system does not charge invalid calls (disconnected or busy).

This is a perfect setup for organizations or businesses that run marketing or sales campaigns seasonally. They can efficiently run the campaign without worrying about the exuberant cost for those months that the campaigns are on hold.

Another advantage of running a call center solution through JustGoCloud is the convenience of making online payments. Payments can be made through a verified Paypal account. So, you can practically run the campaign online—without constantly visiting the actual banks or building a physical location.

 So, is it hard or easy to get started?

 Starting your own call center has never been this easier. It’s as easy as signing up for a Facebook or other social networking account.

First, you need to sign up through this link: http://www.justgocloud.com/.

screenshot of the justglocloud sign up page
Upon clicking “Sign UP”, you’ll be routed to this page. This page basically gives you an overview of what JustGoCloud is and what it can do for you.

Once you have signed up, you can start preparing your call center by getting your team and your equipment ready. For a complete list of the instructions and requirements (e.g. bandwidth needed, computer specs, and recommended softphones), you can visit http://justgocloud.com/?page=faq.

With the convenience of setting up a telephony solution on the cloud and the flexible payment method, JustGoCloud is becoming the go-to option for most businesses—most especially SMEs.






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