Power Mac Center celebrates art and technology with Pixelworx

Power Mac Center dares to test the limits of Filipino creativity with its launch of Pixelworx, a campaign that merges ideas, technology and art through various platforms and events.  It culminates with the introduction of Power Mac Center’s newest art envoys and the announcement of its very first multimedia awards competition winners.

Power Mac Center’s four Art Ambassadors, Jay Contreras, Electrolychee (Marcus Nada and Bru Nada), Nikki Luna and Leeroy New, represent cutting-edge artistry and excellence in the Philippine contemporary art scene through photography, graphic design, visual arts and sculpture, respectively.

(L-R second row) Jay Contreras, Leeroy New, Nikki Luna, James Sampan (Silver Awardee), Marcus and Bru Nada of Electrolychee, Joey Alvarez – Marketing Director of Power Mac Center, AG Constantino – Marketing Manager of Power Mac Center. (L-R first row) Gold Awardee – Robert Joshua Camacho, Silver Awardee – John Austeen Manalang, Diamond Awardee — Jett Ilagan, Platinum Awardee – Michael Medina, Gold Awardee – Giancarlo Clarete.


The Winning Artworks. Theme: “Defying the Everyday Grind.”

Diamond - Jett Ilagan - Dreamworld - Photography (Mixed Media)
Diamond Awardee – Jett Ilagan – Dreamworld – Photography (Mixed Media)

Platinum Awardee – Micheal Medina – Through My Big Boy Lens – Digital Painting & Video

Untitled design (1)
Left: Gold 1 – Robert Joshua Camacho – Kalinaw – Mixed Media Top Right: God 2 – Gold 2 – Giancarlo Clarete – Forward – Mixed Media Bottom Right: Silver 1 – John Austeen Manalang – See the World – Paper, Plaster Paint and Clay


Silver Awardee: James Sampan. Mixed Media


Art according to the artists in this technological world.

Untitled design (2)
Top: Father of the winner, Mother of the winner, Jett Ilagan, Grand winner. Bottom: Jay Contreras, Me, Bru and Marcus Nada of Electrolychee

When the judges were asked in the stage of what is art, their answers all sum up that whatever kind of art it is, it’s not just how beautiful it is but what the art tells you, what it makes you feel.

I had the chance to talk to the mom of the grand winner before the awarding ceremony (before her son won!). I asked her how her son grew up and if being an artist was a talent that runs in their family. I love her answer. She said, “He has really been keen in drawing since he was a child. Though we have artistic members in the family, I believe that that talent is honed with just constant practice or in a more artistic term, more expression.”

In today’s world, technology has played a big part in the advancement of art. Photos are more clearer with better cameras. Abstract is not just with the physical mediums but with digital as well. There are tools like the Wacom tablet and Wacom pen that help you draw and make digital art better with ease.

Are you one of today’s artist that use tech for art? What tools or gadgets have you used in making art? Comment and share below!

Amor Urate

Amor Urate

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