South Writers League Holds First Writing Seminar in Regus, Alabang



This year I quit my full time job and decided to become a freelance writer. It’s been six months since I made the transition! One of the things that I am very excited to share with you is our first writing seminar.

My friend Len and I used to be colleagues and teammates before we became freelance writers. It has been our dream to become full-fledged freelance writers and conduct seminars to help other writers. In our journey to becoming a freelance writer, we noticed that most of the workshops and seminars are conducted in Makati, Manila, and Quezon City. So, we decided to create our own group of writers living in the South.



South Writers League (SWL) is a group dedicated to create a positive, thriving, and fun online lounge for writers in the South. It is a place for freelance writers and aspiring writers to exchange ideas and resources on writing, support one another to firm up  freelance business, and meet over coffee. Last December 13, 2014, we held our first writing seminar “Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career and Double Your Income” at Regus, Northgate Cyberzone in Alabang. Regus is an international company that helps entrepreneurs, startups, and large corporations who want a “more flexible, more cost-effective and more agile” office space. It is also perfect for organizations and groups who want to conduct seminars and workshops.

Participants were greeted by this sign.

When renting a conference room in Regus, coffee and water are already provided. The participants of the seminar were free to refill their coffee anytime.

regus offers coffee

The seminar was conducted from 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM. The topics discussed were about basic tools such as resume, what to charge, where to find writing gigs, how to pitch writing services, and productivity tips to maintain a successful freelance writing business.

conference room in regus alabang
Len Cristobal opened the discussion on pitching.


This is me  boasting my skill in freestyle rapping. 😀 Just kidding. Here, I continue the discussion on how I pitched my writing services to businesses.


Our official photo after the seminar. 😀

If you have been thinking of writing for a living but don’t know where to start, please join us at South Writers League Facebook Group. Next year, SWL will be conducting its first meetup event in Alabang. The event is strictly for SWL members.






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Irene Chan

  • Cheers to your success! There’s indeed enough money to be made writing. The internet is flooded with writing opportunities and the only thing that people needs to do is to take action and be responsible for their future.

    • Irene Enriquez

      Thanks, Lemuel! 🙂