750 Words: The Digital Sandbox for Newbie and Advanced Writers

So, you want to be a writer.

It’s something that you want for a really long time. You dream about it. You watch YouTube videos of the author’s you love. The authors you want to emulate. Your perfect writing day might go like this: You wake up. You go for a run. You write brilliantly for hours and end your day with a glass of wine.

But the problem is, you only think about it. As much as you would like to write, life gets in the way. You have to wake up. You’re late for work. Sometimes, you end your day with a glass of wine. But the only thing you’ve written for that day is your own name.

You know that you need to establish a writing routine. You want a tool that can help you track your progress and possibly reward you for taking action.

That’s exactly what 750 Words is all about.

What is 750 Words?

In its simplest form, 750 Words is a website where you write 750 words every single day. The idea came from Julia Cameron’s book, The Artist’s Way. In the book, she suggests to write three pages. Every. Single. Day. She calls the writing exercise “morning pages.”

The creators of the site, Buster, defines morning pages as:

three pages of writing done every day, typically encouraged to be in “long hand”, typically done in the morning, that can be about anything and everything that comes into your head


A Page a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Morning pages may help an artist get unstuck or get  inspired — whether it’s writing their memoirs, creating a DIY home improvement project, or whipping up a new vegan recipe. It can also be therapeutic and help people with depression.

Basically, 750 Words is Morning Pages on steroids. You write three pages every day like. But you also earn badges. You get a total word count. You can keep track of your progress.

The interesting stuff happens after you save your work. Once you reach the 750 mark, you can click on “view today’s statistics.” Here’s a summary of my statistics:


750 words statistics screenshot
This is one of the good days when it only took me 32 minutes to write the 750 words. Notice that there’s zero distraction. A distraction is recorded when you haven’t been typing for more than three minutes.

It also gives you a monthly and all-time stats. Seeing all the numbers make me feel a lot more productive!

750 Words screenshot of monthly statistics
As you can see, I’m already on a 12-day streak this June!


You’re convinced.

You want to use 750 Words, but you don’t really know what you should write about.


You can use 750words for:


Are you thinking about a life-changing decision? 750words.com is a great tool to help you explore all the options available to you. List all the pros and cons. Write about how your life is going to be different when you explore Option 1. What about if you explore Option 2? What would your life be like? Before you know it, you’ll reach 750 words in no time.

If you’re a blogger or a freelance writer like me, you can use it to brew your ideas for future blog posts and articles. Unlike writing on a Word processor, using tools like 750 words helps take the pressure off. You’re just writing ideas down without really criticizing them. You just want to fill the page with words. Later, you can transfer your work in Microsoft Word and start to craft a full-blown article with bits and pieces of your writing from 750 Words.

Writing your journal/diary

750 Words is also a great tool to use as a journal. It is much better than a physical notebook, as you can actually “see” your mood. Once you’re done with the 750 Words, you can click on “view statistics.” It will give you a report on the most prevalent moods based on your writing. As you can see on the featured image, I was feeling “affectionate.”

When Depression or PMS comes for a visit, most likely your mood will change. That might reflect on the statistics as well. If I’m hungry while writing, I will mostly be concerned about “Eating/Drinking.” It’s pretty mind blowing to see the stats, actually. It’s like an infographic of your mind and heart.

Writing your book

If you are a more advanced writer, you can use 750 Words to write your first draft. If you’re writing a novel, for example, you need to be focused and hit a specific word count each day. Even if you just accomplish 750 words a day, you’ll end up with a total of 22500 words in 30 days. That’s almost half of a 50K-word novel!

It’s been 47 days since I joined the site. I’ve written 29 daily pages since then. My total word count is now at 20,000.
Most of the time, I use 750 Words to embark on creative writing projects. With my work, I mostly write press releases, blog posts and feature articles. While I do love writing them, it doesn’t give me room to experiment. I believe that writers must always experiment and challenge themselves.
As a gamer and competitive person, 750 Words keeps on pushing me. I keep on challenging myself. I’ve earned six badges so far. The last badge I earned is for a ten-day streak.  If I were a general, I’d proudly wear each badge on my uniform.

Try 750 Words if you:

• are serious about establishing a daily routine
• want to start blogging but don’t want to publish something in public yet
• want to keep track of your writing statistics
• love writing challenges
• don’t mind paying $5 each month

I don’t recommend 750 words if you:

• don’t find value in writing daily
• don’t like paying monthly subscriptions
Whether you’re a newbie or advanced writer, you can find many uses for 750 Words. It’s a sandbox. You’re free to create anything.  It’s a digital space for discovery and wonder. Well, most times, your thoughts will wander. But if you write often enough, there are rare moments, when you would be filled with surprise and wonder.



Stay tuned for our new segment: Should You Go Pro? It’s where we help you decide whether you should sign up for a monthly subscription or to buy the full app after the trial period ends. The first to be featured is 750 Words. I’m now a paying member. I pay $5 a month and is charged to my Paypal account.

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